Gold leaf first grow & journal

My super soil I made a month ago today still has a lot of webbing kept the top soil moist with molasses filtered water put my hand in the soil and it seems pretty hot… hopefully it’ll be ready for these seedlings in a few weeks

Gold leaf update took off some fan leafs & took off smaller lower branches for clones hopefully I did the clone thing right


Update on gold leaf she’s getting pretty bushy just been taking off unnecessary fan leafs and tying down taller bud sites

Also I only been using cal mag every watering after I transplant everything seems to be going good

I also have a question about clones do I let the tray dry out or keep water in? And do I open the vent 25% after 3 days and keep increasing the vent size every day then take off the dome after a week?

Gonna order up a tent to flip these 2 bigger girls that I took clones off of I watered today with cal mag water