Gold leaf fertilizer test on ww

I am confused who u r talking to. I cure in grove bags. I use 5 gal fabric pots. Not sure what being said about lights. What lights do u use?
GLF is ok for veg imo.

As stated hortilux inhanced spectrum mh and hps. Pics look like plastic buckets not grow bags. Air prunes rroots.allows co2 from roots and microbes ,co2 levels will rise over 800 ppm no c02 injection is needed.but back to gl 1 al per plant would be alot of nutrients. Thier is no mention of how many sq ft a gallon will treat. If you are using a fortified soil it could be easy to have a exess easily.

It is 4ml per gallon. Somewhere on here figured maybe 8 to 10 plants fot the small jug. I couldn’t afford the electric with those lights. I’ll stick with what I have now. I don’t have a farm, just a few plants inside…