Gold leaf communal grow journal

@Shaggy So someone else on here gave the idea and I thought it was great doing like a communal grow journal so anyone growing the same strains feel free and post. I have two gold leafs photos going now in a 4x4 tent under a vivosun 1000 watt dimmable hid right now running at 750 I just transplanted from a quart container to five gallon fabric pots the soil I mixed Ffhf my own compost bat guano blood meal bone meal coco loco and perlite got a nice mix at transplant I watered with wet table mykos as well as using mykos and azos in the hole so far so good they’re loving they’re new home so please any one else growing gold leafs feel free to post some pics your technique anything would be helpful to a lot of people. Also running 18/6 at about 82 day 79 night and about 52 humidity rigt now.



@Zee @Deepsix @Hellraiser @Hello777hi please tag anyone you want I just learned about using tags see if we can get this journal going


Thanks for the tag. There looking good.

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The middle row are my Gold Leafs. Broke dirt 8/6.Topped them about 9 days ago. Supercropped them last night. They’re sharing a 2x4 being lit by a HLG 300L bspec. Temps are 78 during the day and around 68 in the evening. 18/6 lighting schedule.

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Why are my gold leaf edges look like they’re curling upwards it’s not hot at the canopy level and I have the hid at 700 watts hanging about 24inches is it too close still

700 is a lot for veg. Either raise the light or dim it down. Veg doesn’t require a lot of watts.
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I’d say raise it up a little…a few inches. Looks like you got relatively tight nodes… raising won’t hurt a little.
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I put it down to 600 watts and raised it a few inches maybe that will help thanks and yeah they are stacked pretty tight

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So bump it up as their going in to flower then

How soon are you going into flower?

Not for a while first photo grow so not sure how long to typically veg it for

What’s a good veg period

If you have time and height…6-8 weeks of veg is great. I’ll be around 9-10 weeks for this group of girls. They went into veg tent when my other girls went into flowering. You’re definitely gonna have to train them a lot if you veg that long though. They start to show preflowers around weeks 5-6. They’re ready at that point.

How tall is your tent?

Looks like some things have changed? The plant that was flowering is out right? Was that an auto?

Yea my auto I’ll be chopping in about a week it’s almost done the tent is 80 inches high I’m gonna set your a script net also just building the frame now for it

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Plan on topping and lST also

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The trichs are now all cloudy just waiting for a little amber

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How old are your GL? Looks like we’re very close in age.
Happy Growing!!

Two weeks above ground