Gold leaf Autos

What is the typical amount of time from seedling to harvest for gold leaf autos? Mine are at 7 weeks now and havent really begun forming buds. I thought their total time was about 8 weeks but I’m guessing I’m wrong?

The projected time is 56 days of flowering, not days of total growth. Realistically you should count on it taking a week or two longer.

At 7 weeks of vegetation, you should start to see preflowers forming very soon. The buds will follow right along afterward.

Drop your lights to 12/12 and that should help

From seed to the start of flower is going to be 5 or 6 weeks, then whatever the strain reads for flowering time (usually 8-10 weeks) you can usually add another week on there because things don’t often finish on time or early.

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At this point I’m thinking you’re right, and I may have been misunderstanding the time periods for autos. Here is a new picture of her, now at 10 total weeks from seedling.

Still healthy, just isn’t flowering the way the last one did. It was a different strain though. I switched the light to 12/12 about 3 weeks ago and they havent really responded to that. Should I put them back on 18 hours now?

Your sure it’s a female, 10 weeks and no flowering sounds really odd if it’s in a 12/12 for the last 3 weeks.

If she sure indeed is a female I would put her on 48hr of darkness and then switch back to 12/12.

Well they were supposed to be feminized auto seeds so I was just assuming. I’ll try 48hrs of darkness. Thanks for the tip

Well you should be sexting your plant if your 10 weeks in with no flowers… Right that could be a big factor

The hairs here mean female right?

Can you give us a focused picture?
It looks like it’s female, but hermaphrodite plants will have one female and one male part so making sure that both sides are clearly female in multiple areas of the plants is key.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these are not the autoflowering variant of gold leaf. While I’m certain I ordered autos, the packaging for the gold leaf seeds do not say anywhere they are autos. And the white widow seeds have a clear notation that they ARE autos. Thus I’m pretty sure these seeds were never meant to be autos… sigh I dont know if I can handle a photoperiod plant. I can’t grow it outdoors and I dont have the proper grow setup inside to prevent light leaks and treat a photo plant correctly. Not sure if I want to continue with this one. Might have to find a friend who wants it.

What is the part number on the package? If it has an “FA” it should be autoflowering. Off the top of my head I can’t remember for sure, but I think photoperiod will have “FP” or “PF”

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They say FP :frowning: thanks for the confirmation.

Okay. So, next check your invoice - it should be available online if you don’t still have it. That should tell you if you ordered it wrong or if ILGM shipped you the wrong item. If it was their mistake, let them know and they will take care of it.

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