Gold Leaf Autos Not Flowering

I have white widow and gold leaf (2 each) in an indoor grow at week nine. The white widow began flowering weeks ago and the gold leaf, while growing vigorously, is showing zero signs of flowering. This is my first grow. I thought they were supposed to be autoflowering. What should I do?


Sometimes the ruderalis gene is weak and they aren’t as auto as they should be.

Flip your lights to 12/12 schedule and force her to bud. The other autoflower won’t care about the drop in hours. You can increase the strength of your light (if possible) to achieve the DLI under 12 hours instead of 18.


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Yeah, that has been an issue for quite a few growers lately.
Not to worry though, it is a relatively easy solution.
Just set your lights to a 12 on 12 off cycle to induce flowering.
You will have to leave it like that for the rest of the grow but it shouldn’t have any negative effect on the other auto that is already flowering.


Thanks for the tip. I suspected as much.

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Welcome to the community! Dont forget to adjust your lights to maintain DLI when you switch to 12 hour light cycle.

If you still have your seed packets… take a picture.

You may not have autoflower seeds.

How long after making the switch should I notice flowering?

Usually 2 weeks. That’s the transition period.

Thanks for the info!

Here are the remaining seeds.

Needed label on other side of package

Sorry about that, thought you wanted to see the seeds themselves


@smithgn1 Not autoflowers!

If autoflowers it would be GLF-FAP5

Well, that’s a bummer. I thought for sure I was getting autoflowering seeds. Does Gold Leaf come in an autoflower version?

I’m sure they do, but you probably figured that out by now.