Gold leaf autoflower

Can you tell me if you can grow autoflower inside and out? Led lights at night then outside in the morning? Or is this stupid and a waste of time?

You can grow auto flowers inside/outside/both.

They don’t depend on lighting changes to flower like photo plants.

As long as they receive enough lighting intensity you’ll be good to go.

I understand that what I am asking is if having them under a small 1000w led grow light at night then taking them outside during the day be worth it as far as yield goes?

You can do it, but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the electricity and back pain. What specific 1000w LED are you using?

It’s a small 9x12 recordcent 1000w full spectrum.

Just trying to get the most out of these goldleaf autoflowers 3 weeks Saturday

That light manufacturer engaged in the same misleading marketing that all the amazon importers do. They take 100 led chips that are technically rated for 10w each, but they drive them at 1w each. They’d burn up if given 10w.

I don’t know your location, but right now I’d be concerned about nighttime temperatures. Maybe that’s a reason to bring the plant inside at sundown. I wouldn’t bother with the indoor light though.

I’m assuming you don’t have strictly indoor plants. If you already have plants that stay indoors, then I would absolutely not bring an outdoor plant inside because it would be a vector for pests.

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Good to see you back !

Hadn’t really left, it’s an intense time right now as I’m in the NYC area.

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Got my fingers crossed we get back to some kind of normal soon. Stay safe

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stay safe grower


I grew Bergmans Gold Leaf Autos using both methods last autumn and the pot was spectacular though a little light weight wise in the finished product but a very very good smoke.