Gold leaf auto a week from harvest but discovered notes or aphids : help appreciated

Hello I’m day 92 on an auto gold leaf, outdoor in organic soil. Trichs are still clear to just cloudy but no sign of fade yet

Was Hoping to let run another week and see if the buds increase but this am discovered what I think is noted or aphids

Pics are below and would appreciate any thoughts on whether to chop now or find something for the next week or so

I do have Bergman’s bug blaster but concerned about spraying so close to harvest

Thanks in advance for any guidance

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Processing: 12940EDE-4B26-4AA2-8415-06BC53B744AC.jpeg…

Yup u got aphids

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Yep. It’s not too bad. You’re close enough to harvest that you might just do what I did today and hose em off with a solid blast from the garden hose.


@downbythepylons :arrow_up_small::arrow_up::arrow_up:
This !!! Solid advice …hose em off with water
Shake out the buds!!! You’ll get em

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You have any clearer pics than that …
Could also be thrips

Aphids usually cluster in the same area
You won’t be able to rid of thrips with water alone

lol I only had to open my eyes …
There was better pics
Those are aphids

Spray away

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Thanks for the replies all

I’m terrified to hose em down since our humidity as been off the charts with temps in the 90s

Been battling rot all summer …

Maybe I’ll hose Em and set up a fan outdoors for a while …

Any thoughts on wiping down the leaves with diluted Sinospad or IGLM bud blaster…just the leaves only ?