Gold leaf and super skunk


Just bought these on sale😎

If you grew and smoked these strains can you give me your opinion on how it was ?


I haven’t smoked either yet but I am growing a Gold Leaf right now:

I’ve found that it has been temperamental and shown nitrogen toxicity three times during this grow. It doesn’t want a lot of nutes, and it recovers very quickly from any issues. And as you can see it produces buds.


lol,50% off on gold leaf i had to get some!!


Havent smoked goldleaf, but got 10clones of it right now cut on 1/8 and a few got roots already and all look good. I gave 2 beans to a buddy for clones bk later, and his 2 are monsters! Seem to be VERY vigorous growing strains with possibilities to get very big and bushy. Cant wait to sample.
Super skunk was grown last summer out doors. Very high leaf to bud ratio hard to trim lbs n lbs of it.lots of trimming. Kinda dark flowers. Nothing super pretty, but it smells good and is a HUGE producer.(smallest plant was 1.3lbs of 10) Got some clones from one as we speak going also. The smoke is great relaxing meds, tastes earthy and skunk like, i could def. Go to sleep after i smoked it, but i could also still be clearheaded enough to get something done if i needed or wanted too. Gave both my wife and i really bad cotton mouth and munchies, favorite time to use this strain was after work while cooking dinner and talking about out days with the wifey, as it made us feel happy, relaxed and talk-i-tive, n by time dinner was done wed be BAKED with first class munchies!


I got in on that deal too, hard to pass on half price! It’ll be in my next grow, my current one just flipped to flower schedule last week. :v::green_heart:


Hey guys thanks for the replies :+1:

And thanks for sharing the pictures…just beautiful :raised_hands: :v:

Glad I ordered them now…I can of did it on a whim :wink:


I also ordered mine on a whim- i placed another order and it flashed as a deal for a 5pk so i did it. Now im glad i did.


I haven’t had the SS but the GL is 100% A+++ Smooth and creeper! @Kcdaniels


Yes it does nice


Pamatuji si to byl výsledek smích a co sk. No?


Sorry Skunk No. 1


I love my Gold Leaf !
I am hooked forever ! I would like to know it’s background because it is perfect !
It is a all day, afternoon and evening, happy,clear thinking, lots of energy, and sleep great !
I am looking forward to the next girls coming.


Good to know…I have some Gold Leaf seeds that are going to be my next grow :+1::sunglasses:


haven’t smoked it yet. 3 1/2 weeks into veg. Gold Leaf from ILGM


I love my goldleaf so far! Just been a pleasure to grow.