Gold leaf and purple haze

Got my second grow going. Not doing to bad the second time around. 600w HPS with general hydro nutes.


Very nice, how many plants are in the first picture? Awesome vertical growth.

I would call that better than not bad. But that’s just me :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks! I have 6, 3 gold leaf and 3 purple haze. They are in there 4th week of flowering I think. I spotted some mildew on one of the plants leaves yesterday and I used baking soda mixed in water. That was the only thing I thought to use that wouldn’t harm the buds than if I used a fungicide.

Looking really good. Just keep up on them as far as the mildew is concerned. May need to bring in more air circulation to help with that. Although I don’t really know any of your conditions just trying to help you avoid in the future

Yea I put a small fan to blow on the lower half of the plant because that’s where I spotted it. My rh is around 40% which isn’t to bad I guess it just happened because it’s kind of overcrowded in there. They took over the box quick once they started flowering.

Uploading… day 18 of flower. I’m curious to how much bigger they are going to get.


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A bit of H202 mixed in with your water as a foiler spray will help fight off any mildew also :+1:
Wont do any damage to the flowers, many people seem to wash their buds after harvest with H202 and water

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MUCH bigger! Great grow!

Hey @Gizmo was wondering how the harvest went

How much lighting for a 4x4x7 I’ve never grown indoors and I’m trying to learn a thing or two