Gold leaf and Jack Herer leaves curling under

From a fellow grower: Growing again after 20 years. Strain, 10 Jack Herer auto, 10 Gold Leaf Fem. Sprouts are 7 days old, about 2 days ago the leaves on 4 of 17 began to curl under. Here are some stats. Peat pots 3x3x3, lights are LED 4 foot shop type 2-3 inches from tops, on a timer 20 on. Planted in Jiffy seed starter mixture, national brand. Watered twice a day, 3-4 sprays on top of soil at 8am and 8pm. These are in my metal barn. The temperatures vary from 55F as a lowest to 85 as the highest, but normally stays between 60 to 80. Humidity, avg. 80+ nights and 70+ days My PH is unknown as I have well water, NOT a deep well, when lasted tested I was told “its on the hard side”. There is a good amount of air flow. Window fans and a very small computer muffin fan across the base of the plants. I have MH lights with a grow bulb……old light, new bulb for next stage…if I get there. ANY AND ALL ADVICE IS WELCOME.

:point_up_2: that’s too often on watering. A shot glass size of water every other days is all they need. I would also cover them with a clear dome, solo cup, water bottle etc, this will create condensation inside for the leaves to absorb and feed until the roots start developing. You’ll need a good PH and TDS pen :love_you_gesture: welcome to the community Growmie


What @OGIncognito said. :point_up_2:

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Revommend a good ph pen. An apera or bluelabs. I have an apera ph 60 and consider it my second most valuable piece of equipment. The light is the first. It will cost 60 or 70 bucks. Worth its weight in gold.

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thanks to all
at 2-3" from lights makes “Dome” difficult.
Should i move light’s further away to make room for the dome?
If no dome, does the watering stay at every other day max?
PS i will be checking my PH ASAP

1st) Welcome to the community, you are in the right spot.

2nd) more info would be good.
2-3 inches isnt far from top of plant, makes me assume you are using some kind of cfl bulb? Elaborate for me please.
But lets not hijack this thread, I have a continuous journal ill tag you in so you can respond to me there. Tell me as much info about your setup as you can.

ok now 20+ hours since no water all leaves are drooping.
i always believe in those who know more.
BUT this looks worse.
FYI check post…5000 lum led 4ft shop light
what more info do you want
Ask and yee shall receive
But in another 2 hours i am watering there fers

Providing info based on my experience germing. I post this same info anytime I see someone struggling with babies. When I germ, I cook the soil while the seed is germing. I soak the soil until there is no more drip out the bottom. Cover with plastic wrap and set to the side. Once I have a tail, I plant the seed in the pre soaked soil and I do not water it for 2 weeks. I use a $20.00 super sprouter which I also use for garden seedlings, works great and comes with a T5 light. I have a heating pad under to maintain 80º F and I pour a bit of water in the pan so the warmth from the pad creates humidity at about 80%. You can use a ziploc if you don’t have other clear sources and struggle with where to put the light. I have not lost a seed or clone yet using this method. At the 2 week mark, I start to harden her off so she can go into the grow tent. That is when I start to water her and I use a 1.5 oz shot glass and water her every other morning as her light comes on. Pics included as without them it is just a bunch of words. This is a clone from the mother the last pic grew in to.

And this pic is of ILGM GFOG at the 2 week mark right after she went into the tent.

And here is the momma today. flipping her tomorrow when I get the new tent. My adult feamles are very healthy and I believe it is due to a good start.

Keep Growing!!

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Thank you for the info.
Greatly appreciated
Question, for seedlings, I am using a 5000 lum LED 4 ft shop light. I am a bit confused on the distance as I have read anywhere from 2-16 inches.
I have been at 2-3 and have moved to 4-5.
Also as of last post I went on a every other day watering. As of this morning all plants leaves are in total wilt. Again they are in 3x3 peat pots with jiffy starter mix, 8-12 hours after
Watering are bone dry.
They are 9 days up now and look like 3 days but with larger leaves
I have this last ditch idea to transplant them all to larger pots with potting soil soak and take my chances.
I never had any trouble when I used just dirt, mh light and tap water.
At my wits end
Thank you so much for your time and any other thoughts.