Gold leaf and gelato outside in VT

That’s tha small one purps

Go take bertha down! Well… berthas…

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Nice work. You won’t be running out of weed this winter.

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2 down 5 to go. And it’s been hard to get that done. Up a 4am out in stand by 515 sat till 10 came out only saw a doe and a fawn about 300yards alil far for my bow. Was going to shoot a Turkey but then I thought when am I’m going to clean that. So no shot. Idk where im going to hand my deer all the pot is in the garage.
Then kids got soccer game ones got cheer practice and the third is patiently pacing around are you done yet. So she can go to friends house. Now that I’m getting all the kids out of the house for a few hours, the old lady is just told me that were watching my brothers kids so they can go hunting. Ahhhhhh they just keep multiplying.

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Vermont problems


This was my morning. Not exactly the way I like to burn my cannabis.

Your fan was on fire?
Melted wires?
What happened lol to much moisture for the indoor fan to take?

I’m not entirely sure. I just know I’ll never do that again.

Also, I’m now going to add fire suppression to my grow room build. To be honest, I’m a bit freaked out. I was so knocked out last night the house could’ve burned down with me in it. I’m surprised no one called the fire dept. I guess that’s probably a good thing. I would’ve had a lot of ‘splainin to do this morning.


So I’ve taken my plants into the garage a week ago and just been strapped for time to harvest but they are just sitting out of rain and cold with gargle door open plenty of light so by the time I get to them all it might be the 2 weeks they needed to get there prime.

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Today’s special


It’s perfect “sit around inside and trim” weather.


Shes the small one

Yea that’s a full size sheet pan


Tomorrow is the xmas tree not alot of fans on her she should go quick.:heart::metal::+1:

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I was out looking at my gold leaf. She could be harvestable any day now. Another week would be good, but I had to chop off about an oz worth of buds today from bud rot. I’m sure I’ll find the same each day with this weather.

Unfortunately this is not a good week for me. Not much time to sit around trimming. Damn leaf peepers.

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I’ve found lil spots of rot but alway like a small bud, no more than a wet leafy oz.

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Man it’s super sticky gonna make some great hash. Wouldn’t of taken so long of I didnt do all the popcorn too. Trimmed all useless parts and will wash tomorrow. Only 3 more to go…
I’m going to est about 2lbs maybe 3lbs of gold leaf when I’m done. Not going to run out of this bounty. Gonna have plenty to cook, hash, oil, smoke all of the fun stuff. Prob not shatter it reminds me to much of crack or meth and just seeing it brings back some dark shit so thank you but not for me.

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That’s why I bought the bowl trimmer. I pull all the larf/popcorn off and spin it. Instead of wasting hours on that crap I get it done in less than 10min.

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You do it wet?

Cause I have wpm on all my plans not alot or really bad but I dont want that in my hash or buds, edibals dont want that stuff to make me sick. So timing off the useless stuff and leaving as much sugar leaves as possible. Wash then retrim after it drys and ready for jarring. Then it was going to get a trimmer and use it then. Stupid question but can u use the stuff that you trimmed off or dose it smash it to a pulp?

I wet trim. I find it easier.

Sure you can put the loose stuff in the bowl trimmer. It doesn’t really crush anything. I have a mesh hanging dryer for that stuff.

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