Gold leaf and Afghan grow


I am using Fox Farm trio (grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom) for the entire grow.


Updated pic of the girls
Went to 12/12 Sunday, starting a little stretch. New lights not up yet, may just finish with the HO T5’s.


Definitely didn’t but in, I opened Pandora’s box bringing @dbrn32 into the conversation…


How small of tent? You can probably go with an air cooled hood and run something like that if you still have it.


Yeah I have a few options @dbrn32…I was at the hydroponics store and I think the owner (a good friend) convinced me to run with the HO T5’s for a harvest to compare results.


What fixtures are you comparing to the t5, and how big is the t5?


1000”w” vitrospect LED, 300 MPS, 600 HPS and another (escapes me right now) for veg/flower growth, plant health, ease of use, etc.


Sorry, almost forgot 8 bulb 48” T5 HO in 4x4x78” flower room. 4 bulb 48” T5 HO in both 2x4x60” veg rooms.

I have another 4x4 for spring time after we get the a/c replaced.


I would be surprised if you’re happy with results of 400 watts of t5 flowering a 4x4.


I’m not expecting more than a few tokes out of this grow so I’ll be thankful for whatever happens. My next grows clones are in the bubbler (2 GL, 2 Afgan and an AK). My latest order came in yesterday (5 GL, 10 Bubba Kush, 20 Big Bud in the heavy weight package along with Bergmans protector/nutes and a 5 seed pack of the Pure Indica set). I’m thinking a BK and a BB to round out the next one with 8 120’s to lite it up.


Sounds exciting!


Pondering going hydro. I already have a basic setup to at least start it…thoughts


It’s ysu a learning curve getting a different method going, but you’ll benefit from more rapid growth and pinpoint ph and nute control.


Hey @Strokeman I am also considering going hydro. How costly is it to get going ?


@stretchgfw.1957 As costly as you’d like to jump in, like anything else! I have maybe $150 into it.