Gold leaf and Afghan grow

New seeds came this morning, time to start a new journal. 2 GL and 2 Afghan going for a soak this afternoon.


Have fun! Just dropped a seed this morning. Had to replace the one that didn’t sprout.

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Placing these into my perpetual grow, these will be #8 for me. Still learning but this site has helped me so much and the genetics of the seed from ILGM is superior to all others that I’ve tried so here goes nothing.

First tent 2x4x5 with a 4 bulb T5 then will move into next 2x4x5 with with 450 watt Bloomquist LED and Flora nute program. Plants will get about 10 total weeks of veg before going into flower tent 4x4x8 with 1450W LED with intake fan, carbonized filter/extraction fan.

@FloridaSon @PurpNGold74 @raustin @SmoknGranny and @dbrn32


Cool, good luck with them!

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@Strokeman. Please keep me in this chat. I have Afganny fem, Big Bud fem., to start a mother plants / clones for outdoors MA, early spring start. ILGM seeds. Have Bruce Banner, fem. Thinking they will be to damn tall for me though. Might do one and get creative. Good self challenge. Gonna watch and learn something. Grew Afganny with good results before. Great strain. I really like it. Grows great around here also helps. Learned a lot since then from these guys here. You will do well and like it here.

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I’m watching! Have a great grow.

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For sure @stretchgfw.1957, this is going to be fun. I’m afraid of the GL’s height too, LOL! These will get topped back to 3 nodes at 5 and every 2 weeks during veg. I thinking about growing mothers of Orange Bud, AK 47, GL and Afghan. I may drop a GDP too to round out the mix.

So on another thought, I wonder what I could do on the cheap for a 4x4x8 flower area light @dbrn32?

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Probably depends on what you’re thinking cheap would be? Just about anything for a 4x4 at flowering intensity will start around $600. Wouldn’t keep you from making multiple fixtures one at a time though, as funds were available.


$600 is doable, I’ll just have to order in a couple bites but I should have it ready by the time these are ready to flip. What are you thinking? I am planning on a Scrog.

Strips or maybe even the small qb’s are the easiest to work with. The qb -120 will run passively which means you pretty much just frame and wire them up. Going with strips, you’ll need some aluminum for a thermal bed, which can make or break the price on a project. If you have a good outlet for some cheap or free aluminum, you’ll get the most for your money that way. If you have to pay retail, may be cheaper to just do something with the qb 120’s.

It’s pretty much the same tech so not like you’re giving up much one way or the other.

I don’t have any contacts in the scrap world so QB 120’s would be the way to go.

With @dbrn32 's help, I put two HLG 260 xls in my 4x4 tent. $700 from Grower’s Lights, unassambled. Very easy to assemble and are beautiful lights.


Easiest way to get them is in 4 packs from amazon, when in stock. 12 boards in 4x4 super pimp setup, but you can do pretty damn good with 8 120’s on two hlg-240h-c2100a drivers.

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Nice lights

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2 4 packs are in the cart ready to order tomorrow.

Please exlain topped back to 3 nodes at 5 and every 2 weeks during veg please.

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5-6 nodes (plant from seed) allows the appropriate growth to be able to top. 3 nodes is for height control. I prefer to grow 16-32 main colas and not worry about smaller bottom growth as it takes a considerable amount of work with not much reward. My plants are “lollipopped” so to speak and all the bottom growth makes for great clones.

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Sounds like what I’ve been doing. Thanks for the explanation. Just bought Bergman ILGM Nutrients. 5 plant package. Thinking of doing a journal/trial same everything, except nutrients. Thinking of using auto fem seeds i have. ? Jack Herrer??Bergman vs. General Organics that i used this season outdoors with results pending. Big plans for Afganny ILGM fem this coming spring. Can’t wait. Thanks man@Strokeman

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Afghan #1 with a nice taproot!


Generation 8 has been completed. These will go with 2 OB that were just cloned last night.