Going to try again

Just sowed.

  1. Lemon Haze.
  2. Blue Dream
  3. Do-Si-Dos
  4. Purple Punch

Hopefully they will be worth reaping.
Guess that’s going to depend on me…


Good luck. Happy growing. Gonna tag along

Best wishes to you and your grow!

Thank you.
Appreciate the good wishes.
I’ll definitely need them.

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Well I lost two of the four. They they both sprouted roots, but got stuck under the dirt. I dug them up and the heads were off. That was in Friday.
Sowed two more Friday.
Came home today with them doing the same thing.
I got these turned right side up. But the shell is still attached.


Sorry for the shitty pictures. I didn’t check them.
I’ll get better ones when I get back to the house.

Should I give them a day or.two to shake off the shells
Or try to get them off myself.
Had to get the shell of the LH. Its survived.
So far…

I’ve never had this problem with seeds.
And my last four out of six have done this.

Well they’re all dead. Got thrips. Sprayed with dish soap water mix. Burnt them up. Left them under a t5. Didn’t think it would burn them up.
I get dumber and dumber everyday.

Here I go again.