Going to start a new grow in a month

I am starting to plan my next grow, I have been on here for about a week and learned a LOT.

Afghan Kush
2x4 tent
Kind LED but want a new light
Roots Organic 707
Spring Water from a spring not purchased
going to get 3 5 gallon “cloth pots”

I have been using Technaflora nutes from beginning to end.

Am I pushing the envelope putting 2 seeds in each pot. I plan on topping and LST on all 6?


Sounds like too much to me, small planter+a lot of roots=? I have grown two in huge planters, but still a problem if you have issues with one you have to treat both.


Your two in a pot idea was blown up in my mind when recently I was daydreaming about my 2x4 tent getting an almost 2x4 single container for soil, with 8 seeds planted. 1 per square foot.

Then I read Holmes reply.

An issue would spread quick.

So basically my daydream was a bad idea, that I am sharing for no particular reason.


They will definitely do better one plant per pot they would be competing for the same space.

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@NavRet These things grow like weeds :wink:, definitely 2 per pot is problematic.
Also curious why spend the extra money on roots organic soil if your going to use bottle nutes??? The nutes will disrupt the microorganisms and defeat the perpose.
Bottle nutes go very well with a neutral base.

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I just started 2 in one pot one is enormous compared to the other i had to transplant the second so it didn’t get over taken.

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I have organic soil, I plant per 5 gallon pot and after veg there is no room for a second plant, roots take up full 5 gal.


When you force two cannabis plants to “share” the same container, they compete with each other for the same rhizomal resources.

There are scenarios where companion plants can be beneficial to cannabis, even in the same container, but this isn’t that. There are species, both plant and animal, that add things to the rhizosphere which are essential for cannabis; however, cannabis doesn’t seem to benefit from the close proximity of other cannabis plants.


@MD_Herbology I am new to all of this. This will be my third grow and am really looking for advice. I didn’t know that the nutes would hurt the microorganisms in the roots organic. I will also after all everyone has said be going with one per pot.

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Is that an auto watering system?

@MD_Herbology nice watering system…auto?

@KeystoneCops Nice info again you never disappoint!

@NavRet @Wannabe, yes it is😁. I am on vacation will show you when I get back. Works well, was very inexpensive.