Going to buy some more beans abd have question

Good day to all the fellow grower im getting ready to buy some more beans and wanted to no if i have to call my card provider every time i use it if it the same card it a walmart card i use it last time nd the first time i didnt no i had to call and had some trouble and would like to no if any one nos if i should all after i order im new to fem beans thank and happy growing

best to pre-notify your credit card company you are going to make an unusual charge. they don’t need to know what or where. just how much, and after they verify your identity, they will put a notice on your card that usually has 24hr+ authorization. security won’t step in a transaction unless it is unusual, a large unusual amount or from another country.

needed to do that here.

Do text or call im not to shur how it work

I just call my cc company and tell them I’ll be making an overseas transaction for $xx.

I just called mine to and im not shur there going to do it if not ill have to use bitcoin i guess not shur how it works thow will see

@ronnie_miller! Good day! It is very annoying when you go to make a payment and it’s declined due to the fact that it’s overseas. However, better safe than sorry. Many “■■■■■■■■■■” payments seem to go through a bit easier. Different banks have different rules. Customer Service will definitely answer you! Have you looked into another method of payment, perhaps??? Well, good luck with the new beans! Happy Growing!:sunglasses::hugs: