Going to be Cloning, Totally New For Me

Ok please help!! I have not started but i want to be prepared for it ahead of time. I know I need powder and gel but what light do I need? Will an Led TaoTronic work? Should I use CFL? I have the cabinet and the tools to convert, I just need guidance.

@Careg Not powder and gel powder OR gel

The best thing would to be to buy one of those propagation Tray, Dome and heating mat combs

you can use any light, if I had my choice I’d do them under the short 2 foot fluorescents, but I just stick the whole thing in a corner of my veg tent and I’ve only lost one clone so far

I usually get roots in 5 days at 80 degrees and 100% rh. There’s a powder called Takeroot, I’ve never had results anywhere close to it, is the cheapest stuff I’ve ever used and it’s awesome !
-good luck

So you can’t use the gel first then the powder to help it stick better?

I suppose you could but you wouldn’t need to cuz it sticks like crazy ! … you have to tap it on the container to get some off !

plus I put some in the Rapidrooters and in my cloning solution and I put some in my breakfast cereal on the mornings when I’m taking my cuttings for luck ! :wink:


Cool. I feel like I will be trying lots of fun new things with these clones. Can you say Mad Scientist!!! I do work in a lab and wear a lab coat all day…

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I personally don’t think you need to buy any other lights. Put them under the lights you’re already growing with!

For all my clones, they just go on the floor in my veg tent, about 3-4’ from the 600w MH air cooled hood I use. Never ever had a problem with burn or anything like that.

Your clones should be under a dome, which diffuses the light coming in anyway. I think buying a “seedling” light is a gimmick to make more money.

But if you still want a light just for clones, I’d recommend a 2’ fixture with 4 bulbs. The High Output T5 fixtures. They’re like $50 on Amazon.

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Ok. I will use what I have.

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Just wondering how you get 100% humidity in your grow tent?I am going to try to clone myself.Any help is appreciated Thanks

No no not in the tent in the little propagation tray and Dome setup sitting in the tent

the heat mat does it, I keep it around 80- 82 degrees the whole time

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