Going to be away - need tips on self-watering

I’ve got a 5 - 6 week old Blue Dream in veg, and she’s potted in a blend of Ocean Forest soil and perlite. She is in a 5G fabric pot, inside a tent sitting on a plant saucer.

She is requiring watering about every third day to keep properly moist. By the third day she is starting to wilt a tiny bit, so I give her a watering then. As she grows and requires more moisture, this watering frequency MAY increase to every other day but that’s not the case yet.

I need to be out of the area for about a week, and I think she may hit the critically over-dry stage by that point. I don’t really have a back up person to help me tend to the plant, so I’m hoping to find suggestions for some sort of self watering device that will work to get me by for a week.

Any ideas? THANKS!!

check out Blumat watering carrots. I suggest you set up the system now so you can monitor and work out any issues before leaving.


Excellent suggestion @AAA. After looking, I noted these stakes come in packs of varying quantities. Specifically for a 5G pot, do you feel a couple of these carrots will do the job? If so, I’ll simply order a 3 pack which is the min size pack.

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As @Drinkslinger has shown, there can be failures.

That’s why I suggest a long trial period. I’ve never used them, so can’t advise on how many are needed.

@Bass-Assassin used them with success. Maybe she can chime in.


I trialed mine for about two weeks before I left. I was gone for 7 days and they worked perfectly! Make sure you trial before you leave. They take some tweaking.

I ended up using 3 carrots in my 5 gallon pot.


Awesome…thanks @Bass-Assassin for the info. There is a 3 pack of carrots (Min size) on Amazon, so I’ll order that quantity for my 5G pot.

When you say “tweaking”, are there any suggestions that can potentially put me ahead of the curve?


I just returned from a 5 day trip. Used the Blumats and my plants look great!

I am happy!

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Super! Looks like several thumbs up for the Blumat carrots!

I’ll be ordering these for sure.

Important to have an air gap between container and saucer …I raise mine 3"to ensure air flow and prevent root rot…BEWARE of using wood that has been treared with preservatives :arrows_counterclockwise:

Today’s wood is treated with copper not like it used to be with all the harmful chemicals they used to put in it.

I don’t use any wood or organic material. It can wick up water, stay wet, and increase the potential for fungus gnats.