Going Purpetual with Purp - 2020

He’s just getting over another lil bug. He actually lost a bit of weight. But he’s getting lankier by the day :rofl:

It was fun. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got their shopping done. The fat man’s day is upon us!


Glad to hear that Carter is doing well. Hope that y’all had a great Thanksgiving. Have a great day, my brother, from another mother. Be Safe :v:t4:


Dang Purp where does the time go. You work all the time and have a big family so I know you’re busy but there is no excuse for me I’m just not keeping up with this posting but I do miss you .Did you at least take time for the Superbowl? Course I know you were probably for the Eagles but my cute little quarterback Mahomes pulled it off bad ankle and all . Just have to tease alittle who knew they’d have such a crazy interception that led to the win. Just checking in are you growing? I’m barely just keeping myself in smoke 2 or 3 veg and 2 or 3 flowering then 2 or 3 babies. Don’t work too hard .


Thanks for the reminder this thread exists haha!

All is well my friend. Of course I watched the Super Bowl. N of course Mahomes snuck out with a win… (yep i was going with Philly :rofl:)

Nope not growing a thing. Havent in a full year now… feels so lonely in the grow closet. Maybe I can fill @kaptain3d favorite hole to do something constructive :joy:.

Family is great. Lil man’s a year and a month or two. Wobble walking around. Tryna formulate words. N biting n hitting stuff. So its official, he is a boy. :laughing: We also finally got a new fur baby last week. I wantd one that can grow with him. The other 4 are great. My 7 year old’s been pulling all A’s and her bday is this month so you know its time for something special. Wifey’s alright as well.

As for growing, im still stockpiling seeds. I think my first round when I return will be a buncha ILGM product. There’s a few strains Id love to try from here. Maybe be back in swing by summer. Big maybe though.

Hows things your way? Thanks again for posting.

Also… @merlin44 Ive seen you behind me on a few posts lol. Hows the family dude? You know you and the misses stay on my mind


Happy to see all’s well on your side, Oh Owner Of the Mysterious Hole! :smiling_imp:


It is great to hear how well you and your family are doing. They clearly bring you joy.

We are doing well, in general. Mrs Merlin’s memory and whatnot continue declining but we are dealing with it in as positive a fashion as possible for us.

It will be great to see you growing again. Perhaps I will see you peek in on my journal from time to time. :grin: :man_mage:

I am not very active outside of my own journal, my time and energy are focused on Mrs Merlin. Sometimes I steal a few minutes to peruse the forum make a few comments.


As they should be. Priorities right? Lol. I hope yall are still building memories (hope not in bad taste, u get my point). Enjoy the times.

Between each break you make like 1000 posts :joy:. Im afraid to even glance at your journal. Id lose a couple days in there! Do need to see what youve been up to however


We try to see the humor in our situation, so no problem. I joke that I am her memory these days. :grin: Just trying to keep the mood light and cheerful.


Lol! Im not sure on the level of improvement there if your memory is anything like mine. My short term is TERRIBLE. But again, nice chatting with you my magical friend. Defo have to do better staying in touch


Same here, Purp. Don’t neglect your family but we always enjoy your presence and insights.


Every bruise and scrape is a trophy. My oldest kid put their first tent together this afternoon sniff

I’m like “why you wanna be an indoor grower? ”… where did I go wrong, Purp?



Bahahahah. This made me laugh out loud in the middle of our meeting. HILARIOUS

They grow up sooo fast


I’m really behind where are you going and what kind of fur baby are you getting. I knew you were lurking around reading threads have a blessed day.


Oklahoma votes today to legalize recreational marijuana. I hope it passes but I’ll always keep my card . I don’t really buy much from dispensaries but 1 here in town has a cannabis Cafe and I like their cookies. Without a card you’ll be charged 15% recreational tax


Im not going anywhere. And we got a lil pitbull. I dobt do catdogs :rofl: (shitzu’s chihuahua’s yorkies etc).

My daughters named him Black N Mild​:joy::joy:


Mop dogs. All you need is a broomstick up their butts, make great mops!

Glad to hear you got a real dog!


I hope it passes also. Are you going to cannacon okc?


And one day I might put down my little shovel, and the learner will have become the master.

I can live with that. They used to help me when they were little. Maybe I’ll be helping them out in a a few years.



That picture was taken for posterity i suppose? :rofl: Forever cement the day in your photo album when u realized, kids will overthrow and replace us one day :laughing: