Going Purpetual with Purp - 2020

@Myfriendis410 Do you what other site I’m talking about- where the format looks exactly like this one? I get so confused when I accidentally end up on it

Yes; that is shut down and moved over here.


Hey, hope your marijuana setup is going as you wanted, haven’t heard you anywhere for a while so know you have to be crazy busy,growing anymore for now ? I’ll shoot you a couple of pics my 1st auto Zkittles grew really tall before I knew I had a tall plant way too much room between nodes. I should have kept the light down closer on it, I thought all autos were small plants without many branches, I’m going in to get rid of very bottom spindly branches in a minute. I also have 2 gscx that I’m getting ready to flower cause they’re big, 1 I topped twice and rolled and bent all 4 tops now it’s not soo tall as it was other gscx was miss squatty so I fimmed her and got 4 tops, she’s pretty. I guess I need to defoliant a few big old leaves before I flip and auto Zkittles can hang with them the ill have a sick berry, blue haze and a sunset sherbet going from that grow room to a temporary veg closet. (In with some of my clothes) it’s crazy. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just cruising through, late night drive bys with the likes. Surprised I’m not out yet! :joy: Hope you’re doing well, and staying safe, homie! :v: :grin:


Hello ReRe! Hows it going?! I dont have anything (except 4 clones half dead/half revegged). The closet is empty for now. Thanks for stopping by!

I grew an Auto Zhittlez from Seedsman. She didnt get over 2 feet tall :joy:. Nice smooth tho.

And Im dropping some Skull Berry next go round (i saw sick berry and it triggerd :laughing:)

Sunset Sherb disappointed me. It was a Phenofinders seed. But just didnt stand out at all! Super earthy peppery terps Of all the Cake Drop it smelled the least sweet


Haha I saw you dropping like bombs. Thats wat made me message the other day :joy: thanks bro


@PurpNGold74, what’s up :+1: ,stayi high and don’t sober up ,because you are only going to get high again :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lmao. I been off for 15 mins. 8 min drive home in the snowy snow. Been high bout 4 mins now :joy::joy:


This is auto Zkittles

she’s at 31 inches. I topped sick berry last night


Still looking for female signs


Blue haze

this is gscx I topped twice


GSCX looks great. As do the two blue ladies.

Zhittlez is a lanky legged lady. Wow. At least twice the size of where mine ended flower already


The Wizard just dropped some real math skills on me so I figured I should try my luck…

First lights $230
Second set $500? (Guestimate. Maybe cheaper)
First soil setup w/ nutes $150~
Second Soil splurge $75
Second nute setup $100
Seeds $100
Seeds $35
Seeds $200
Seeds $150
Seeds $150
Misc (tools, pots, amazon addons) $200? (Highballing here)
Microbes $145 (2 diff types)

$1690… :poop: thats alot more then I expected…

Pretty sure ive grown over 2 lbs… so 32 ozs.

$52.81 an oz not counting electricity (notoriously cheap in my state)

Not too shabby at all @merlin44 but its time to bring my numbers more in line with you. Im only gotten 4 harvests outta my setup in 2.5 years. So those numbers will skew more towards the lower side if I can actually keep outputting buds.


I just did a quick calculation, prorating my initial setup costs plus grow costs over my first seven grows…it comes to about $20 per oz.

You can’t touch any dispensary weed for even $200 per oz in my area. Top shelf more like $400.

Through my first two grows my prorated cost was $63 per oz. Needed to learn stuff. LOL

I had never run those numbers before.


You inspired me to do it :joy:.

Good ‘loud’ runs 250-300. Great? Around that same 4. But thats from a pretty good pharmacist :wink:. Prices have been known to skyrocket for or from the wrong people


gscx but this one I fimmed and got 4 shoots

and you’re right sunset sherbet just doesn’t want to grow we’ll see. Thought about you watching the ravens last game they pulled it off. Take care ,this wouldn’t go last night. :woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling: .:rofl::rofl:


Haha thanks! Next up Buffalo!!

But she looks lovely. Arent the Extremes Autos? My my long way you have come :bowing_man:t5:


I had no idea that an auto Zkittles would be so big or I would have done some training


The gscx I topped twice then I bent 4 tops then last night I bent the tops of the ones I just bent, I think I’m going to turn loose the branches I tied down cause it’s doing a sativa stretch so I’ll just let it go. :woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling:


Let that lady stretch her legs maam! :joy: wassup everybody. Still lurking around I am… dropping likes on backed up journals. Ill be with urs shortly.