Going out of town after chop, how should I cure?


Hey fellow tokers,

So my plan is to leave town December 22, return January 4th. This means I’ll need a long term method of curing that can last two weeks until I return January 4th. This also means in order to have time to dry the nugs before curing, I have to harvest sometime around December 16th. So, I plan to let the weed start curing when I leave the 22nd as I cannot take it with me :confused:

I have heard of many drying and curing techniques. The basic 4-5 day drying on the stem, then curing in jars. Then, there’s chopping the entire plant and allowing it to dry whole for 6-7 days before finally trimming and curing buds. I also recently saw a video by Roesenthal stating a plant could be dried for 4 months whole! All the information is confusing, I am just wondering what the proper drying technique might be Regardless I have learned the humidity should be around 60% and temps should be below 70F but above 50F.

What do you think is the best plan for my situation? Has anyone used turkey bags? I know I’ll need Boveda packs.


Hmmmm. Two weeks of curing…
You could harvest, wet trim, hang in a closed tent with a humidity controller set to turn the exhaust fan on at say 65-70%. That might slow it down.


I could do that or just slow dry the whole plant at like 70% humidity for 2 weeks… that might work. If I set the inkbird controller to 70% rh it will drop to 65 comfortably before humidifying.


You could cut the plant down before you leave and just hang it upside down. Dont trim the leaves or do anything. With the extra moisture it will help slow down the drying process. Probably would be perfect by time you got home.


I’ve hung by stem with humidity in mid 60s and has taken 7 days. I just finished another batch that humidity was high 40s and took 5 days. All has been wet trimmed. I have not hung an entire plant but I imagine it has to take longer to dry.


I just read a grow report where a long time grower stated at least 10 days if not 4 weeks can be optimal. Looks like I’m in the clear to just chop and hang before I go :flight_departure:


That is correct sir. 14days of slow dry and you will have
Weed when you get back to trim. Probably can’t trim the buds in an unfiltered room



Yeah they’ll have a carbon scrubber in the drying tent for certain


I chop my plants down to branches that will fit in a large paper grocery bag and then trim the fan leaves an sugar leaves, and then manicure the buds. Then they go in paper bags, about 1-2 layers of branches per bag, for 5-7 days until mostly dry, brittle enough to snap a small branch. I “breath” the grocery bags once a day. Then I clip the buds off, finalize any manicuring, and put them in one quart glass jars with a 62% boveda pack.

Good luck and congrats on yuor harvest!


Its almost harvest time, and thanks! I might try that when I have more time, unfortunately I am forced to dry or cure for 2 weeks, and so I have to dry the whole plant upside down I have decided.


You could pull it out roots and all and hang it. Wrap a wet towel around root ball and it should slow down the drying a lot.


I wouldnt dry with the roots on. Last time i did, i felt it left a very rooty earthy kinda harsh taste in the buds. Just my honest opinion


they say a camel was designed by a committee and so it goes with curing pot.

Look at it this way,whatever you do, you will be gaining invaluable curing experience, all will be good and you will get high…:santa:


I’m going with top roots and rinsing the roots down in the tub and drying them before before hanging the big ladies to dry. Should be a fun sight.


the dried roots make great silhouettes if you back light them :santa: