Going on vacation - plants aren’t coming w me


I will be going on vacation for 8 or 9 nights.

Leaving the house at 2pm and returning at 8am 9 days later.

If I leave my Plant under the lights while I’m gone, she will get hot as I need to put ice packs in the grow room once or twice a day when the room gets hot. Hot room also means water dries out quicker. My fan will also die. So high heat, no fan, dry soil for 5-6 days = dead plant when I return ya?

Another option… put plant in window while gone. She will get a lot less light, but she won’t over heat. I would still water the day I leave but since the light won’t be on, the soil will take longer to get bone dry.

Another option - put in window, and get an automatic watering system (those bulbs you fill up w water and it will water the plants a little bit) I have one that holds an upside down wine bottle of water. This way would allow some water but the roots might not get air.

I will be leaving when the plant is around 35 days. This is an auto plant.

What would you do in order to avoid a dead plant when I get home?

Your plants cannot survive that long without water.

When I went on vacation I hooked a pump up to a branched set of plastic tubing, ran a tube to each plant, put the pump in a 5 gal bucket of water, and then plugged it into a timer. The timer ran for 2 min every 3rd day. I also left one tent to fend for itself… it wasn’t pretty when I got back. That was 7 days.

I’ve seen the upside down water bottle stakes, and my takeaway was they weren’t reliable enough for me.

Maybe you have a trusted friend that can water while you’re away?

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I will look into a pump.

If I get one and put plant in window do u think the plant would survive on sun light instead of led light for a week?

Survive is all I really care about. Yield will obviously be smaller but if I get a quarter to a half I would be happy considering I was gone a week.


Definitely a window instead of the heat! Perhaps shallow pans upside down bottles firmly standing in place to fee the shallow tray and keeping the lowest possible water table for the plant to draw from, otherwise use an ebb and flow system or run to waste in a collection tank for the overflow (short timed watering).


Ya… I think the lights will be turned off so the sun will have to do.

I’m looking at the automatic watering pumps now - they are cheaper than I figured.

Will prob stop at a local garden store later today to get one.

Automatic water system should help. Sun probably won’t be enough light since it is only like 6 hrs but that’s better than nothing.

If it’s watered the plant won’t die, smaller yield from a week of no lights will have to work.

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What about a lamp nearby on a timer to supplement the missing light hours, 6 hours sounds like enough to perhaps trigger some flowering hormones. I read that 3 times the brightness of moonlight is enough to stop flowering hormones and disrupt the plant’s sleep cycle.

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Could do that! Can u recommend something from amazon that will pump water from a bucket and comes w a timer?

timers and pumps are usually sold separate, decorative fountain pumps are the cheapest, just make sure you read the pump “head” rating to make sure it’s strong enough to overcome the elevation. and flow can be adjusted through the pump’s adjustable pressure release valve, the important thing is that the pump can achieve the rise in elevation.

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I just ordered this one.


Have time to test it before I leave so if it’s strong enough or whatever I will have time to find something else.

Thanks !


That looks good enough to do the trick! I stand corrected! had no idea such a thing existed!

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Something always exists… just gotta find it.

Hopefully it works though :slight_smile: