Going on vacation for almost two weeks. Need some automation

Hey Guys.
I’m going on vacation for about 12 days next month and I anticipate my girls will be mid flower by then. Can someone recommend a watering system I could purchase to keep my girls fed while I am away?

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I was looking at those!
Has anyone used an Auto Pot? now sure which system would be more reliable? Blumat or AutoPot?

AutoPots are great for feeding your plants while away, only problem is you would have to repot your plant into a pot that fits the tray. It also requires a buffer of non-absorbing material in the bottom of the pot such as clay balls, or course perlite, or plastic golf balls. If you are growing in soil, the soil needs to be mixed about 50/50 with perlite.

I guess what I’m saying is you have to start with AutoPot in mind, you can’t change up mid grow.

Well that is a really inconvenient system. I was hoping it was adaptable to my current grow bags. i guess I will go with the Blumat System.


I will tag you in a journal that shows my setup may be helpful