Going on 9th week autoflowers

Hard to tell from the pictures, I can’t make out trichs but I can tell you it is not uncommon at all for plants to finish at different times even if started the same, same strain, all that…

Actually man after another look I’d say they got some time to go, most pistols still look white and “fresh” .

I’m sure someone with my knowledge then me (dosen’t take much)will chime in though.

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Every one of 8 plants last grow was ready at a different day( usually 3+ days so I couldn’t harvest them together)


Okay thank you for the insight. I know this is the 10th week autoflowers Northern lights other side blueberry. I know at the end of the pistols they are just starting to turn a little brown and I thought that’s when you start harvesting. I have 12 plants and two of them I think are ready for harvest. Those are the more bully ones in the tent.
Thank you again

Nah it’s when they are about if not all darkened and curled up.
It’s the trichomes that is the for sure gage to go by.

Most say when most all are cloudy and some are starting to turn brown or amber, that’s the trichomes not the pistols or “hairs”.
I’m surprised someone hasn’t linked a picture that gives instructions… someone will, but based on time wise I’d guess you got 2 solid weeks left but that is a huge guess…

You need a magnifying glass of some sort. Jewelries loop or microscope, some phones can zoom in with apps and get a good look at the “frosty bits” aka trichomes, little balls on the ends of them start out clear and as they rippen, they go from clear to milky to amber or brown…


“Im surprised someone hasn’t linked a picture that gives instructions” … How to tell when your ready based on what you want out of the plant/strain…etc Use .ILGM … just type it into the search about How to tell when to harvest…It has a lot of helpful instruction and such…I liked it!!


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They did in the beginning of this post I’m still new. I’m thinking this weekend I will be doing something I’m taking one of them down. They’re going on 11 weeks now this weekend thank you everybody

Good morning everybody hopefully everybody has had a good week.
Got a microscope digital camera thing as suggested.
These are pictures taken right now the second pictures I believe I should flush this plant out with water and be picking her in the next week or less am I correct.
The first pictures that plant has a couple more days before flushing then picking her in the next week or less am I correct
Thank you so much for everybody’s input have a great safe day

Anyone anyone bueller bueller lol
I just wondering if this is the big weekend
Also I feel like today I’m going to flush the plants with sledgehammer and then perfect pH water till the ppms come to about 500
Cuz I know these got to be getting plugged very soon thank you everybody

Look like your getting close!

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What in the heck is that thing and where did you get it?

Hey looking great, what kind of scope did you get, I just ordered 1 my self, thought I took good pics but didn’t zoom in enough, GSCX autos 12 weeks Monday, looking for tricomes

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Still seeing a lot of white hairs, looking for mostly milky white, tricomes. I’m waiting for more Amber, more of a sleep pain thing for me. This is the one I got, works super easy

Are you talking about the hanging racks? They’re sock drying racks, and I got them off Amazon.

@GreenSnek Hi…what ratios do you use for the hydrogen peroxide water mix? How long do you soak the buds? How many times to rinse after dunking in hydro solution? Please lmk? I’m currently growing blue cheese autos day 48ish and learning something new everyday._Indi

Doesn’t really matter just throw a splash in and about 15 seconds each side , only rinse once any residue will turn into water and oxygen in time,

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Solid, thx!

Jiusion WiFi USB Digital… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081F64YLB?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

This is what I bought absolutely perfect
Also I bought a wedryer XL hopefully we’ll start using that this weekend coming up. I am so excited I’m also going to be doing a cleaning the plants. Got the 13 buckets all ready to go rack with fans then wedryer.
I’m still so happy that the blueberries smell like blueberries and I know the snozberries taste like snozberries.
Hope everybody had a good weekend
Also I put little rubber caps on the inside screws so it didn’t scratch the camera housing

Hello everybody hope everybody had a great week so far. I know these are going on the 12th week this weekend has anybody seen autoflowers for 12 weeks. Also I just Sledge hammered the soil hard 1.5 gallons each wait 45 minutes, then flush with 5 gallons water. All water was 6.5 pH about 6-6.1 pH run off ppm low 4-500 yay. Good thing I exercise cuz moving these around after flushing is heavy.
I know Friday I’ll take a couple more pictures and throw them up there but I believe a bunch of these are going to start getting plucked. Also I’m going to try to use all leftovers and try to make bubble gum hashish yay. But I bought a 5 gallon bucket screeny setup thingy see how that goes. I’m as new as I can be but I know a lot of stuff that I would not repeat again. Thank you for everybody’s input you helped out a lot throughout this.
I love budz who recommended the five in one pH tester thank you again.


After we looking at your post I think I may be looking at the wrong section of the plant LOL I got the weekend off after today so I’m going to figure something out. I’m a newbie so much fun hope everybody’s having a good morning