Going on 2nd week of flowering

Going on 2nd week of flowering as of today. Went thru the jungles to spot any white whiskers and found a few.

Fed them their nutes “ff trio and recharge” 2 days ago. Hopefully they are hungry tomorrow which will be the 4th day. They should be.

Looking good. When they start looking like that, I start to get anxious! Lol. :sunglasses::crossed_fingers:

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I’m excited. I just received my dehumidifier and it’s ready to go in.

I moved my lights from 19" to 24" cus I notice some leaves are actually getting light burns this morning. Hopefully I caught it in time.

I just trimmed another bottom section yesterday and fed them ff trio, cal mag, and recharge. These girls are looking and smelling good. The smaller one at the top left is finally showing some pistils. Nice!! But the other small one not quit showing yet.
I might take the trellis net out. May not need it but yeah they are doing good.
Mother Earth Coco and perlite, Dr Earth 4-6-3, ff trio, cal mag and recharge. Hopefully these girls end up with lil or no problems at the end.:grimacing::grimacing: