Going into panic mode

  • What strain, -IGLM Zkittlez Auto
  • Method: -coco coir
  • Vessels: -Fabric 2 gal pot
  • PH of Water -6.2
  • PPM/TDS 676 maxi bloom
  • Indoor-yes
  • Light system-Hlg 320w v2rspec
  • Temps; 75, 73
  • Humidity; 50,45
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch hurricane out. Grow room has A/C with tent vent open
  • No
  • Co2;

This is week 9 from sprout. I use 1 tsp per gallon of nutes. I water every 2-3 days till run off. Pick it up and see if it’s light. Last feed ppm was 676 in 980 out ?
Some stems are turning streak purple. I’m thinking P deficiency. Gonna tag y’all if that’s ok. @Nicky @Spiney_norman @BobbyDigital @Unknown @Hellraiser @PharmerBob
I’m gonna K T Curic my pants if lose these!
Had to throw him in @Randy_Marsh
No offense.
Thanks for any and all reply’s

1 hour before lights off


Whoosh 5-15-14 that’s to much potassium for cannabis and is causing weird cal mag iron uptake issues because of it I’d start off by flushing them to at least get them back to a base level and then giving them more balanced nutes closer to a ratio of 4-8-6 with decent cal mag


Lol he said…Whoosh

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As being in coco u should be watering everyday maybe 2 times a day being in smaller pots and in flower also. Get u a good dose of food mixed and phd and soak her down slowly but til runoff. And kedp the pot wet alaays and watch a difference in growth. Never let the pot dry out at all if possible lol. My tops of coco usually never get dry look to them always a wet vrown look not the maroonish orange when dry. U have all going good for u but nutes i know nothing about but light and amedium are both sweet choices. Look into getting jacks 321 nutes. Its cheap and goes a real long way lol. Can use full go from the start expand coco with it full strength and all. Its a beautiful thang next to soil and make for a mich cleaner smelling grow room and no soil smell. If u catch any smells with coco u got something wrong and a issue in the pot molding or rotting so ud know itll stink like musty smell and dirty smell. Good luck


They actually look pretty good. Im not seeing any major deficiencies. A spot or two on the first girl. The second is looking a tad N low. And the third looks to be showing temp color change.

What seems to be the issue?


Just my 2 pennies looks like a bit much potassium or phosphorus,

I agree with Purp that the plants look good.
Purple stems are very common and are not always a sign of nutrient issues. I wish that was published more often. I have grown plants that had purple stems all the way through. I dont see nutrient burn so you are not overfeeding. There are a couple spots on leaves that looks like maybe they got some physical damage or something spilled on them. Only advice I can giive here is that you said pH of water was 6.2. For coco you should aim for 5.5 to 5.8. And water every day as others have said.


Being in Coco you gotta water more often like said above every day or twice a day… thinking like 3/4 a gallon to a gallon per day… try just running water through it for today and make sure they have run off… then I’d feed a normal/light feed tomorrow and back to straight water again Friday… and by Saturday I’d say they’d go through a growth spurt and be looking better… keep that coco wet though lots of root issues start if it’s not wet.


Thanks for the great info. First time using coco, read all you want but until you grow in it that’s where the learning curve is.
Thanks y’all Much appreciated @TReynolds17 @PurpNGold74 @Spiney_norman
I’ll put another pic up in a few days


Agreed especially for autos

This is my 4th grow with autos. Been using Roots Original but figured I’d give coco a go.
Hopefully all the above got me lined out

The only things I’d add/modify:

If you’re switching NER (nutrient element ratio) or NPK, try to keep the PPM the same. This will allow the plant to uptake the changes faster.

To that end, don’t “flush” with water. Let the new solution, mixed at your current PPM, flush out the older solution.

The more frequently you fertigate with coco coir, the more consistent the PPM in the medium will be. But you always want to see solution running out of the container.

Edit: If your pH is always 6.2, try to get your nutrient solution down to 5.8. You want to be around 6, but not always at 6.


I used 5.8 ph water only today with a run off of 580, to equal what about what run off has been. Last run off with nutes was 980.

I think that was a mistake, but not a serious one.

Also are you only feeding the maxibloom base nutrients? As I looking into the line as I have no experience, I’ll loop it in with the fox farm trio as it seems like a similar style… but if your only adding in the maxibloom then you could add in the other additives that they sell within that line for flower especially as the plants needs and wants change slightly. Meaning less N and more PK

You’re only adding the second column labeled maxibloom when they want you to add in the others with them… as you see their ppm readings are 700-1000 at this point in flower.

Well S word, hope it will be ok for 8 hours @KeystoneCops at work now.
See that’s what ya get when you watch YouTube videos of a guy using “only” this @TReynolds17 Im sure you google maxibloom only grow and well, anyway.
Thanks for the chart.

You’re fine! It’s the difference between drinking a cup of Gatorade vs a cup of water during a marathon. Didn’t mean to cause concern.




Purple stems on leaves can just be normal.
Purple Stripes or purple stalks of plant is an all around deficiency.
Coco should be watered every day I’m sure it treated like hydro and ph at 5.8.

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