Going into Fruiting Mode

My plants are four months old now, and just about ready to go for flowering made.
Couple questions for ya’ll.

  1. I hear about dropping the “PPM” from 1200 to 400 before flowering. What is this that is being dropped?
  2. I also used some sulfur to get rid of a slight case of rust fungus. I dusted the leaves with it, and blew it off with a leaf blower a few days later. How can I get the remainder off before flowering?
    I can’t leave it on there, right. White dots of it remain on the leaves.
  3. what about flushing, and when should I.
  4. Lastly, I have Humbolt Bloom nutrient. Should I use it before flushing?

give your leafs a nice rinse with clean water to remove sulfer
don’t lower PPM it is the level of nutrients avail for your plants to use during flower and growth. Bloom nutrients should be fed at first sign of buds and continued through until week 6-7 when a flush can be as simple as no longer feeding


Awesome! Thanks for making that short. sweet, & simple. I had thought that PPM “thing” was just for hydroponic growers. I am using soil from a green house due to cost and weight restrictions.
Thanks again!