Going into 3rd week of flower

Hi guys!! @Nicky @Hellraiser

This is just my second grow. First one hermied as I had too much plant and not enough light. I only have 3 plants now. The closet is 8 ft long but only using the center of it and about 1 1/2 wide. I can barely get these girls directly under the light. I’m not sure how much cone it throws? I have the HPS ballast set on 750 but wondering if I should turn ballast to 1000??
Also, defoliated and did a mild canopy before going into flower. I defoliate the huge fans leaves about every other day but seems like they just produce two for every one I cut off! Lol.
So now entering week 3. Tiny buds are starting to be apparent. Should I really give them a good trimming now? I don’t know if I can keep defoliating well into flowering?
I was also wondering if I could add a small LED light on the end to make sure there’s enough light even though ballast is HPS??

Thanks for your time.


I’m not familiar with the ballast rules, you would have to ask @Myfriendis410 or @peachfuzz or maybe @BobbyDigital knows. LED’s don’t use ballasts and feel free to add the light.

You should lollipop to canopy height and then remove sucked branches anything to thin won’t produce anything meaningful


But it is ok to use the LED in addition to the ballast, right? @Nicky

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Oh yeah they are two serpate lights for sure.
It’s pretty rare we see light burn.

Ok. Thanks!

Week 5 now. Should I stop trimming huge fan leaves. I did defoliate and kinda canopy a few weeks ago but the bottoms grew back quickly.
How do they look?

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Sorry for not responding before, must have missed the notification, sometimes I log on and I literally have hundreds of notifications and easy for me to miss one.

They look defoliated enough, can just let it ride til harvest at this point.

Use as much light as you can control the temps for (staying under 85F).

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Thank you so much for the advice!

How do they look? There’s three plants. One is more advanced than the others. It’s day 60. I just started rinsing. They are neon groove. Suppose to be 63-70 days. Figured I’d rinse for a week and then do I turn the light off for two days when I’m done rinsing?
Thanks so much!