Going into 3rd Week Of Flower? Help

How does she look? I’m starting to panic. Have to figure out some kind of shelter…oh my! Lol


Looks real good!! :blush:

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In another 8 or so weeks you’ll be going all Paul Bunyan on her!


She looks more like she’s still in preflower, not quite full flower yet. What did you need help with, your plant looks fantastic.

It’s not fully flowering until you have buttons on the ends of the branches like these. This is week two of flowering. Plants can stay in preflower for weeks doing other stuff then almost overnight they’ll look like this


Looks like your outdoors. You probably have until some time in October before they will be done. What strain is she

Random Seeds…not sure…I’m in total shock how big these plants grew…so maybe still transitioning into flower?
Oh my! I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to pull this off…

Is this Normal

The first picture looks like grasshopper damage


Not normal definitely something munching on that leaf

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