Going good but "when"


A question from a fellow grower:

My 1st grow is now going well with my northern lights autoflowers. I am using the Cash Crop grow box hydro.
As a noob can you let me know how I will know (tell tale signs) when to move from the Veg to Flower stage?
My 2 plants are about 4 inches tall, have the co2 pads, using a 20 hour “on” light cycle, 6 inches from light source.
I do need to harvest in about 7 weeks!
I have checked all of Roberts guides, but looking for some support for my seed type and setup!!


…flowering takes 7-9 weeks on average


If you are looking to speed them up you can switch light cycle to 12/12 until they start flowering then revert back to 20hrs light they just need a stress to trigger them to flower earlier