Going for over 1 lbs. with a bag seed

Seed sprouted on 4-5-18, (2)600w mh\hps, exhaust to outside and fresh air from outside filtered in. Haven’t got my nutes yet so I’m going natural for a few weeks. Hopefully vegging for 8 weeks or more. Will eventually get co2 in here, but none right now.



You can see me and the pest are going to war, lucky for me this isn’t my first infestation.


Right on @Whyteboy1994, you look like you got the script to do it!!!

How many gallons is that smart pot?

10 gallon smart pot, I forgot to mention that! I wish I knew the genetics of this strain but I’ll let her teach me what she likes and we’ll go from there. Planning on trying tiger bloom brand for nutes anyone had good experiences with it? And I’ve also hung another scrog net lower than the the one in the picture I’m going to trying something new, scrogging in the lowest one then letting it grow into the next one so I can scrog again… We’ll see, I’ll have allot of small colas more than likely but they’ll add up.

That’s my yellow bic lighter in that second picture of the big scrog net, will post a picture of the new net tomorrow morning.

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This plant didn’t make it, figured I’d let you know.

Bummer, don’t give up…if a non-gardener like me can do this, so can you.