Going for it, first grow journal... round 1 mystery seeds

Ok so here goes nothing, I just stared this indoor grow thing. I have right now a couple different setups and a bunch of different seeds I have ordered from various sites but what ill be doing for my first time is some (5) seeds from bud we had that a buddy of mine had tucked away.
The setup I have going right now is a 4x4 gorilla tent with a 550 HLG qb, that is what I’ll be transferring them to once there ready for transplant in the 1 gallon pots. For now though I have them in the red solo cups tucked away in a closet under a 100 HLG qb. I’ll be posting pics to show the description, I feel like the plants are looking good but I wanna post to get some feedback. I water the soil down pretty good the morning I put the seeds in, but I put them in that night. Its been about days besides a light mist on the leaves once the soil was dry an inch or so dowmn. Im having a problem with the heat and humidity though. if the doors closed it hover around 80 degrees and 30% humidity I have a fan now and got it down to 76ish and 30% humidity. Everything seems to be going well im just looking for some pro tips I could maybe do to make it a better grow! THANKS in advance!!! btw i have two humidity/temp readers cuz one fell over in some water and my buddy moved them around and now we arent sure which on is which but i been procrastinating getting a new one
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Looking good, except your humidity. Do you have domes on them? Or a humidifier? Or does it just drop when the door is open?

I have a 10" fan blowing air into my 4x4 and a Hoenywell HEV320B humidifier on the low setting and it keeps my humidity at around 60%.

You’re going to have a hard time flowering all of those plants in a 4x4. I wouldn’t try more than 3 max.

You’re cups look fine from a watering perspective, but keep in mind that seedlings only need a few milliliters of water per day.


see that’s the problem see how that gauge says max humidity was 99, I think that’s the one that got dropped in some water because the other gauge I have read 30- 40% in they look green healthy so im not sure I need to get a new gauge tbh

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I have a 6" hurricane fan blowing on high a couple feet away in the closet with them

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I got a cheap cool mist humidifier on ebay for like $25 and it keeps a exhausted 3x3 tent at 55-70% ran on med-high, I would definitely try to keep humidity up around at least 50% during this and veg stage. They are looking good though. I used water bottles and cut the tops off to make domes for my solo cups, they work great I just sprayed some water in there once or twice a day and they loved it.

cool if you look in the second pic you can barely see it but I got water bottle domes too I was just getting nervous cuz them leaves are almost touch it when I put it over them… will they still be fine? I have a humidity dome, I can run and grab it from my girls today if you think that will work it has a heating mat and all would that be a good bet? minus the heat mat probably

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Look good. My tent hovers between 80 to 86 and I place my seeds straight into their final home. I don’t do solo cups nor transplanting. My system works perfect for me. Been doing this since the first crop. I did use cups but I decided it’s better for me to place in the bucket.

My humidity doesn’t get higher than 45% and my grows are successful. It what works for me
may not work for you. It was trial and error till I found the sweet spot and then it’s like why fix it if it isn’t broke theory.


Ya I would try to avoid unnecessary contact with anything, and you definitely dont need a heat mat if you high is 85f and I go from my solo cup straight to my final container. If they are happy I wouldn’t worry too much about the humidity but I still like to have that control lol.


cool see the humidity gauge I have that I believe is good. It reads low 67 hi 88 degrees and lo 25 hi 55 humidity buuut I need to get a new gauge to be sure. Thank you for this input that was one of my concerns, what humidity sweet spot people use because I know everyones is different but that sounds good I know I’m going to have to find mine but I’m game for it lol

I’m crazy…I do the opposite. No pH testing. No PPM readings. None of that. Only thing I did change was adding Cal-Mg and using GH Florakleen.

How do you know when the plant is in need of those though? @MrPeat

From many crops under my belt. I’ve been growing all kinds of plants, flowers, veggies and now marijuana. I have a great green thumb.

You watch the leaves like a Vulture looking for road kill to eat. The girls will show distress. Then the best thin is if you see a problem, take photos and post it in your grow journal and the members can help you out.


Plants look fine, I agree you’ll do better with rh a little higher

What you say is very true, if you can grow, you can grow the herb. I have extensive growing like you and it seems to me that common sense in growing carry over to growing the herb. I know that there are other factors are involved…but don’t over think.


@TheWeedMan I fought with RH and still am. I picked up this from Craig’s list for $25

Good Morning @TheWeedMan & thank you for the tag :wink:
The babies look very nice, heat & humidity you can “control” though sometimes easier said than done.
You just gotta play around a bit to get it to where you want to.
Definitely get a humidifier, I love this one model and has served me well for over a year just about.
Good luck w your first grow, you’re in good hands here :+1: