Going for an explosive grow! Autopot fun!

Hello friends! Blasting back at it with a coco grow using autopot watering system!

I will be using advanced nutes 2 parts nutes.

  • Sensi grow A+B

  • Voodoo juice

  • B52

  • Sensi calmag

  • Rhino skin (silica)

These are my veg nutes! Bought sensi grow and realised there was a sensi grow coco line, not sure what the difference is! There was a mistake and I bought the demo kit and one pot was missing in my 4 pot kit so Im going back monday to get my 4th pot. Im waiting on clones to root so ill a plant for my 4th pot.

There plant will start their journey in my 2x4 tent with 2x mars 300’s and one roleadro 2nd gen full spectrum 300w. They will later be moved to my bigger tent (39x39) with one mars II 700w and one mars 600w, awaiting my other harvest to finish.

The basics
Transplanted them today, january 26 wich marks day one in autopot, I am growing them in a 50% coco/50% perlite medium with 1-2 inch of aquarium gravel at the bottom, my plants were in very small pot with soil before, I hope that doesnt matter. Left to right is Mazar from dutch passion, crystal candy from sweet seeds and green poison also from sweet seed. Mazar was grew from seed two SS strain are clones from my other grow. Mazar and green poison have air domes at the bottom, crystal candy does not because store ran out but I will test and see the difference!

Day 1
They all received 2L of distilled nute water around 475 PPM.
2ml/L Voodop juice
1ml/L cal-mag
1/ml L Sensi Grow A/B
0.5ml/L B52
0.5ml/L Rhino Skin

Hoping to enjoy these autopots I think they will make my life easier with my work schedule!

@Niala @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Screwauger

Thanks for passing by!


Note that these plant have been living in my closet with not much air circulation under a 30w t5 light strip. Mazar has kept a very nice color and look, crystal candy and GP not so much. They were all topped twice I think and I did some LST after transplanting.


Im not a fan of the coco but im set to watching
Those auto pots are becoming very popular lol
Woohoo :raised_hands:
Happy growing brother :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


They look fine to me at a quick glance. They should respond well with the add air circulation and the light intensity.


WooHoo :tada: :grinning: :wink:

Great @Blasting I will follow with great interest…,

Like John, I am not a fan of coco, but in autopots, it’s suppose to work well, @Screwauger have good success…, I don’t know how much it can be let alone without trouble but anyway, je vais suivre ton aventure avec grand intérêt et curiosité mon ami :grinning::wink::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:

Et vue que t’as pas la ligne “coco” soi prudent avec le dosage pour pas te retrouver avec des déficiences ou excès de nutriments…


@Niala screwauger has been using the sensi grow and he seems to be doing fine. I will be buying the sensi bloom coco base nutes. I dont know much about coco either but hope to learn troughout this grow! Guys at the hydro store recommended coco with the canna line wich I think I should have went for but whatever! Lets do this!

@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks for coming along :smiley:


I think they will! Atleast I hope so haha!

My buddy grew dp mazar for a while, I liked it a lot.

Best of luck with the grow!


@dbrn32 the reason I got this strain is because my friend whos helping me with my grow when im away for work used to grow mazar and he loved it :stuck_out_tongue: cant wait to see results


For sure! I don’t deal in a whole lot of indicas anymore. But this was a solid go to.

Some news from the garden, no pictures tho. I left for work this morning for my 7 days in. Watered them about 1.25L each of distilled nute water.

Day 5 in autopots
2ML/L Voodoo Juice
1.25ML/L cal-mag
1.25ml/l sensi A+B
0.75ml/L B52I think PPM were around 600, my friend will visit my plant this weekend and my girlfriend always has a little eye on them even tho she doesnt really want to deal with that. I think Ill be good to start reservoir and air domes when I get back home. They all are looking better everyday, Mazar seems to be loving its new home and the LST job I did on him! Pictures to come in 7 days :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 7 in autopots

Update from my girlfriend :slight_smile: left to right still Mazar CC and GP. They are really taking off in their new home, my friend will be passing by tommorow to give them their feeding, same schedule as before about same dose I believe. Air pump got home from amazon I will most likely be plugging res and air domes next wednesday Im pretty sure root will be well established by then.

Already cant wait to come back home lol!

They also seem to love AN nutes, they are coming back to the green I like.
@screwauger @Niala @Countryboyjvd1971


Looking superb there @Blasting

The Basics
Day 12 in autopots. I started reservoir about 18 hours ago. Filled it with 8L of distilled water with the following recipe.

    1ML/L Sensi Cal Mag
    1ml/L Voodoo juice (last dose)
    1.5Ml/L Sensi Grow A+B
    1Ml/L B52
    0.5ML/L Rhino Skin

Crystal Candy pot is very heavy, and she looks overwatered.. the pot is like 4 times heavier then Mazar and GP wich are air domed. seems like Mazar and green poison are not taking as much water as crystal candy. Crystal candy is the only pot that is not air domed.. any toughts on that?

They are getting big in the small tent, my flowering Green Poison needs to finish fast so i can switch them to the other tent!


@screwauger @niala @Countryboyjvd1971

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Looking great brother :v:

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Thanks brother, they seem to be liking AN ph perfect mix so far, my only concern right now is CC looking a little sad… Maybe she need time to get used to the bottom feeding.

Awesome looking grow so far @Blasting

Loving it and having a fellow AP grower. AN pH perfect stays on my shelf after this grow!!

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Dude looking good to me
How are you liking those pots @Blasting

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started reservoir like 36 hours ago, not sure if I done something wrong but seems like the two air domes pot are not drinking water, but the one in the middle is like 100LBS above the 2 other lol. Ill let you know how I like these soon :slight_smile:

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