Going Down the Hydro Rabbit Hole


Update March 10, 2019:

Here’s a group shot

Black D.O.G.

Purple Haze


The plants are filling in nicely; having to defoliate and thin (I hate doing that) and lots of tucking. The light cycle is in the process of being ramped down to 12/12: we’re at 14 hours tonight.

Here’s the numbers:
PH 5.8
TDS 780 ppm
Rez temp: 61F

+2 gallons H2O per day

Lucas Formula
Armor Si (discontinued)

Ambient temps are running lower as I bumped the lights back down to around 160 or so watts per panel but fluctuating between 70 and 78F.




DAAAaang! You gona need more room!!! Sweet!! :+1::sunglasses:

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@Covertgrower Have you ever seen that message before?


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Started transition. Trying to do it with heat management in mind as it’s effing cold right now and the lights are my primary heat right now. I’m down to 14 hours and will knock another hour off tomorrow.


What is the purpose of the gradual light change, if I may ask


Your plants look awesome as always Alan!


If you ramp down from (my) 16/8 schedule to 12/12 but do it over the course of a week or so it reduces the stretch we associate with the transition. I’ve usually cut it down to 10% or so. It really helps to fine tune your overall heights in a closed space with limited height.


Also helps with finicky strains that stress alot… :wink:
But if you ever run into a plant that wont go into flower , I would suggest 48 hour dark period befor going 12/12 … helps kick it into gear… :wink:


What strains have you found to be finicky?


Alot of og’s and half of every fem seed that I’ve ever grown… :grin::wink:


I’m just channeling your grow, dude! Thanks for the compliment.


So are you saying it limits/decreases the stretch by ramping down?


Strain dependent; yes. I haven’t run any straight sativa to see how they respond but these feminized jobbies respond pretty well.


Update March 15, 2019:
Group shot

Black D.O.G.

Purple Haze


Sorry for the yellow; they are getting monstrous.

They are officially on 12/12 now.

TDS 750 ppm (75 ml Lucas added–should be around 850 now)
PH 5.7
Temp 68 F
Grow space: 80 F +2 -10.
Lights set at 200 watts/panel for 600 total.
60 ml of AN Bud Igniter (thanks @Not2SureYet) added yesterday.
Consuming 2 1/2 gallons per day now. Having to add nutes daily.

I’m wishing I bought the larger R/O unit as I am spending a LOT of time making water now.


I’d like to get to next weekend before doing a res change. At which point I can start running a higher TDS and add Liquid Kool Bloom. One more dose of the Bud Igniter before then.


And to think I need a bigger tent! Sheeezz! Awesome!! :+1:t2: :sunglasses: