Going Down the Hydro Rabbit Hole


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My advice is worth it’s weight in gold LMAO!


Worth its weight in buds anyway


@dbrn32 & @Myfriendis410 You both have been invaluable to me!


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Ha! You’re too modest, probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know.


Update February 28, 2019:

SCROG is installed on the Black D.O.G. along with some leaf removal.

Reservoir change on Monday; plants are back to drinking 1 1/2 gallons per day.

PH 5.6
TDS 700ppm
Res temp 63F
Grow space 80F/70F RH 50%

Lucas Formula
Armor Si

Placed in DWC 13 January


Looking spectacular


looking outstanding!


Are those the smaller 18 gallon totes?
Lookin good tho… :wink:


They are actually 12 gallon, resting at 6 gallon. I have a 15 gallon reservoir outside the grow space.


Fantastic!! :clap: :clap: :+1: That’s what I’m talking about!.. But, with just one tote.


First you must find… another shrubbery! Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get a two layer effect with a little path running down the middle. (“A path! A path!”) Then, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forrest… with… a herring!”

― Monty Python


Looking phenomenal! Those are going to be some monsters.


The single res net is definitely cool


Update March 3, 2019:


Your plants already bigger than screens lol


Roger the shrubber.


Those are the only two to SCROG: the Black D.O.G. is in the screen and the Crystal (screen is higher) is a week or so from it.

Here’s the numbers:
Lucas Formula 780ppm
Cal Mag 30 ml
Armor Si 60 ml
PH 5.9 (PH down applied)
Temp 64F rez, 71F Grow Box
Lights set at 175 watts per panel 16/8


@beautifulL0V3 here’s my current grow. There are some others that show different setups.