Going Down the Hydro Rabbit Hole


Update February 8,2019:

Crystal roots


Black D.O.G.

Purple Haze


Keep on growing awesome!


Looking great!


Numbers today; February 10, 2019

Added 60 ml Lucas
Added 60 ml Hydroguard

PH is 5.5
TDS is 722 ppm
Temp is 62 F in res


Looking fabulous!


Update February 13, 2019:

Purple Haze


Black D.O.G.

Group shot

PH 5.6
TDS 645 ppm
Temp: 62F res
Temp: 80F grow space
18/6, lights at 24 inches set at 50% (120 watts per panel X 3)
Added 1 gallon distilled–that’s 2 this week.

@dbrn32 these lights are seriously badass. The Crystal is so dense I may have to thin it. Awesome tight node spacing and dense as hell. I’ve never had a plant that I could take multiple cuttings from when they are only 5" high.


WOW!! Looking back at the pictures 10 days ago is wickedly different! :+1: :sunglasses:


Plants look great! Glad lights are doing their job too.


They look great Alan! How are you liking hydro so far?


I’d say enough to share a beer with them at 930am this morning haha.


It’s much less hands on than with media. Growth is ridiculous. So far I like it!


Update February 20, 2019

The right 2 plants went into the system on 13 January

Purple Haze


Black D.O.G.

Group shot. The right plant is 10" tall and touching the middle plant.

PH 5.5
TDS 745 ppm
Res temp 60F
Interior temp Day: 80, night 70F

Lucas Formula, Armor Si, Hydroguard, adding 1 gallon distilled daily.


That is just ridicules! :+1: Awesome job! :sunglasses:


I’m having fun with it. It’s amazing the growth rate. Until you see it you can’t credit how big they grow. Very low maintenance.


Beautiful lush looking girls your growing :v::green_heart:


Wow they threw the kitchen sink at Black DOG. It’s a beautiful looking plant.

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