Going Down the Hydro Rabbit Hole


Oh wow!!! That is so cool looking. Dang I really need to get a photo tent going. That growing with red poison next to it would look great :green_heart: very, very nice :ok_hand:


I’m watching! Good luck with the grow!


Ooh, I was there for this, lurking haha! What an idiot.

Thanks, @MattyBear! Now you guys can see why I wanted to try one. On a sad note my second SSH is going to go tits up shortly. I’ll have to root around (pun, get it?) in my seed bank for something to replace it. Maybe Black Widow Skunk? Strawberry Cough? Or another Sour diesel…


Black Widow Skunk is intriguing…


Rooting around, haha :joy:



That dude is still at it lol. Yet he refuses to post any data, evidence or anything for that matter other than repeating himself with the same post that just goes in circles. Lmao. Have a great Sunday bro!


You too, Matt!

I ended up dunking a Purple Haze photo. I took a poll of all of the adults in the house and that was the majority.


Purple Haze is a great strain!


Yeah; Brian killed it with his last one.


Yeah he did! The student is becoming a master!


Update January 27, 2019

Black D.O.G.


Shroud over the totes to reduce heat load. Seems to be working.

The 3rd plant is in the seedling stage: a Purple Haze which will go in this space this next week.


Looking good so far! Love your set up brother :v::bear:


Yup, looks very neat and growy!!


Very nice!!!


Putting this shroud over the totes, reducing the day cycle to 20/4, and dropping the exhaust fan setpoint to 78F has brought down the reservoir temps from 71F to 64F. Success!


Nice job! Looks neat as all get out. It’ll be interesting to follow for sure.


Today; February 1 is reservoir change day. I have 30 gallons of R/O water made up and believe I have a good plan for cleaning out the totes and res and replacing with fresh.


Update: had a little bobble reading a grow chart and ended up diverging from what I needed in solution. It required a partial change of liquid and the addition of more Bloom and I’ll monitor but let it ride unless issues develop. Next res change I’ll be dialed in correctly.


500ppm, 5.4 PH, lights at 50% (120 w/panel), temps at 78 ±2F, 45% RH, GH Flora Micro and Bloom (back on Lucas formula next res change).


Update February 5, 2019, 30 days since seeds dropped:







I also started our winter lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson and Bibb.

Parameters currently: PH5.6, 590 ppm, GH Micro, GH Bloom, Armor Si, Hydroguard, reservoir temp 65F, interior temp 78F ±2F, lights at 50% (120 watts/panel), 18/6 light schedule.