Going Down the Hydro Rabbit Hole


So I started these 3 into an RDWC system a week or so ago. Today I had to add a replacement for one that didn’t make it. Currently I have:

Black D.O.G., Crystal, and Super Silver Haze. All photos.

Running GH Lucas formula currently add 1/4 t/gallon (more for PH buffering than for actual nutes) with a PH of 5.7. Temps are holding around 68F in the liquid and 75 in the grow space. Currently on a 20 hour day for heat management.

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GreenThunder 4x4 tent-QB
Grow and Growth Log (the plants and myself)
The cheesy bubble bucket. Im trying something new
Add your grow jounal link here

Looking good my friend, I have a blueberry and 2 lemon cake that I’ve started for my next grow


I’m watching!


Old dog with new tricks haha! Good luck with these, I’ll tag along.


I subscribed to watch you grow these!! Best of luck all around.


What a time to be out of likes. I’ll follow closely, and catch up with the likes later. Thanks for the tag!


Thanks for the tag and you know I’m here watching and learning :wink::v::bear:


Set to watching friend! Youll love the rdwc :slight_smile:


Set to watching. I was looking at Black Dog.


@MattyBear did one. In fact, this seed is from him haha! I loved the look of the plant he did. Maybe in “quantum board grow room”?


I’m not sure if I posted many, if any, pics of my Black Dog plants on this side… if you need some pics, let me know :wink:


Put one of those babies up, dude! I can use it for inspiration lol.


Haha… ask and you shall receive :wink:


That’s the first BD I harvested. (the one your seeds came from)I just harvested a clone of that one too and she was the same color and smell. You’re in for a treat bro, I promise :wink::v::bear:


Amazing plant friend!!


Eh, not as good as you would’ve done with fluorescent if you weren’t lazy.


I see what you did there. :upside_down_face:


How’s your stuff doing? Hoping you’re not mad at me for talking you into spending all that money lol.


Dang @MattyBear that black dog is a beauty!:drooling_face::star_struck:. I’m in love with her​:heart_eyes:


Don’t get me started! Lmao