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Hello everyone! I’m new to growing and to the forum, and all the amazing posts are inspiring! I had a rough run on my initial investment due to lack of experience. These are a few pics of what I have going on now (2nd time growing). The first is the Godfather OG photo at 6 weeks old. I wanted to do hydro, so initially I had her in a hydro setup, but again, with lack of experience, I really didn’t want to screw it up, so when I started seeing signs of stunting, I moved her over to a cloth pot setup with organic nutes. I have a table outside they sit on to soak in the natural light, but it’s been storming here daily, so I have a 100 watt Viparspectra, or however you spell it, full spectrum led light they love also.

I wanted to try some lst training coupled with topping, so I’ve begun that process on one of them.

I’ll update pics as they grow!

In the last pic, will those little leaves grow out to make new bud sites? Sorry for the newb question, I just want to make sure to train her correctly as she grows for max yield. Thanks for any input and advice from your experience. Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


Yes. I would suggest doing no defoliation until flower and only then remove fan leaves and clean up around the base of the plant.

Your light will not be sufficient to flower one plant FYI. Getting sunlight is a great help and nothing beats natural light but if you finish the plant indoors you will need a lot more light.

Plant looks happy and healthy!

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Thanks so much for your input! I had no idea my light wouldn’t be sufficient, it says it, will but only for a 2’x2’ area. I thought I had also seen some others with the same wattage light in flower, but maybe I’m mistaken. I do plan on continuing to give them as much outdoor light as possible, using the indoor light only when it’s storming, mostly.

Do I need higher wattage, like a 250 or something? Thanks again for your input!

What Viparspectra is it? P1000? XS1000?

You’ll need something like 150 watts of high-end LED’s to properly flower out one plant. This number will go up with lower performance diodes. Something like an HLG QB135 R-Spec would be enough. I’m leery of the Viparspectra as they, like other lights sold on places like Amazon, have made wild claims in the past. I would not recommend most of the lights you see on Amazon due to this.

It’s a tough lesson that most of us have learned the hard way. You simply can’t cheap out on light.

I remember having 8 blurple lights in my grow space putting out over 1,250 watts from the wall and replaced that with my own lights (diy) that consume less than 800 watts at peak, with far better results. A net savings on electricity costs as well as higher yields at harvest.


It’s the P1000

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