Godfather og humidity for growing indoor

So my plan was to get godfather og but my situation is a high humidity where i live i got a dehumidifier but can only effectively get the humidity down to 68ish would this be viable or not at all. Indoor temp will be 72degrees with high airflow

This could work. Really depends on cleanliness of grow space and area around it. If you have mold spores and conditions aren’t good doesn’t really matter what strain, you will run the risk of having mold issues.


What is the size of your lung room?

I have this dehumidifier in my 10x16 shed (insulated) and it can drop the rh to the 50s. I love the Govee brand and the WiFi ability (I have several Govee products.

I pipe it straight to a 5 gallon bucket. Fills it in two days.

I live in the very humid Deep South along the east coast.

What size dehumidifier do you have. Are you using a lung room or do you have the dehumidifier in your tent?

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My dehumidifier is a 30quart 2500squarefeet and my normwl humidity is 80 but it brings it down to 62 sometimes i think i might need to set a tube going outside maybe thatll help

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