Godfather og grow info help and tips plz

ok so im new and just trying to get some info btw tent is 32x32x63 topolite from amazon

  • what exactly should i provide light wise to the godfather plant before sprouting im guessing this is called veg right ?? and then after sprouting which im guessing is called the flowering stage ??

  • next what size pots i have seen videos some use 3 gallons others use 5 gallons ?

  • finally 150watt 300watt 600watt what do i use lol i have seen 600watt led quite often ??

plz help me im an overthinker and i def fell like im overthinking it lol

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Depends on the seeds you are using. Autos are good in either but photos better in 5 if you have the space.

Gonna be limited to your growspace as to the number of watts you can put in there. People recommend like 40 watts per sq foot in full spectrum LED light. Feel free to ask about any light choice, before you buy, could save you. Ebay is full of BS and knock offs so try to stick to manufacturers who have been tried and approved by other growers. This will be your most expensive piece of equipment. It is also your most important one.

Full spectrum led (white light)

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@Docnraq has you covered on most.

I’ll add that most 600 watt lights are fraudulent and actually only output 60 to 90 watts. Do not rely on Amazon reviews, as these are manipulated by the sellers. Be sure to buy a light built with Samsung LM301 diodes and you will be fine. Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, and HLG make good lights. Stay away from lights that output purple colored light, has veg/bloom switches, or has integrated fans. These lights only output ~15% of what the manufacturers claim.


do you have any budget friendly below $200 light suggestions for a 32x32x63 maybe 2 plants could fit in that i think, would you think anything thats a 2foot by 2foot would be plenty or would it needed to be more i believe a 32x32 cant fit a 3foot 3foot light ?

You can’t get more than 1 plant in a 2’x2’ area. Two plants in a 32"x32" is pushing it, but can be done with small plants.

Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer built with Samsung LM301 diodes. You can get ~200 watts for $200. 200 watts is enough to flower 1 plant.

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Vipar spectra xs2000, ac infinity makes a great light also.

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Following along the Growmies got you, I had all the purple lights changed out like above is mentioned, my direction on the correct course of action came from here the Grohood, I’m using a 650R HLG. and a 4500 Spiderfarm with it in my tent, clones are under a ledlight 330x and the other area for veg is a 2000 spiderfarm. It makes a great big difference, Lights are critical

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This is the cheapest 3x3 size light id recommend.

The diodes arent the vest but are still good (bridgelux)

This is the light I have.

Samsung Diodes are where its at! Ill demonstrate after this next image.

This is the light I wish I had

I recommend saving until you can get the best light for your space. Depending on where you live you could donate plasma to get a great light! If you have never done it before you could make as much as 1000 bucks in your first 30 days of donating. Buy a pretty nice light with 1k buks.

This image shows the difference in diodes. The light on the left is samsung diodes and the light on the right is bridglux.

Hope this helps. Your light is the one place in growing where getting the cheapest one and making it work, doesnt work. There is a reason that lights are so expensive. Spend the money now vs buying a better one later.


VIPARSPECTRA 2023 KS3000 LED Grow Light 320W with Samsung LM301H Osram Diodes 4 Bars Grow Light, 3x3ft

hows this for a 32x32x63 or even a 36x36x72 tent maybe 2-3 plants, the light fills up most of the tent space overhead.

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i did go before they refused because my blood wouldnt go through the tube due to how thick/heavy it is

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What you eat and drink the day before plays a huge role in the condition of your blood for donation. 1st and formost you must drink a gallon of water the day before. This will thin your blood some and increase the amount of plasma available, speeding up the donation process. 2nd us what foods you eat the day before. Stay away from fried foods and foods high in fat, like steak and red meat. Also stear clear of high startch veggies like potatoes and corn. Foods like cereal and chips wont help either. Do this and you will have no problem donating. Been doing it for 17 years or so.

As for the Viparspectra light. Its a name I recognize so thats a start. Ive not used the light myself but all seems on the up and up. Good diodes and driver.

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