Godfather OG Fem Not Budding After 15 Weeks

These germinated in early May and growing since May 15. At 15 weeks, there is no sign of budding but supposed to bud in 8 weeks. I moved the lights to 12 and 12 two weeks ago and still no buds. What might get them going?

after turning lights to 12/12…it can take 3 weeks before she shows her buds…is it completely dark when lights go off…if there is significant light it can keep her in veg

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Patience is my only suggestion. Well, that and double check your light timers. Sometimes they don’t do what we tell them to on the first shot. Thats how I ended up with my 12/12 light schedule running at night in the first place but I liked it so much I just didn’t fix it.

Thanks—I guess it wont hurt if they bud a month from now but just concerned that they might not bud.

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Thanks for your input.

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you are welcome…and after you see the white bud sites she will take another 8-9 weeks before she is fully ripe

The only way she wouldnt bud is if you had her under light more then 12 hours a day. As a photo, she can veg indefinatly.