Goats Critical Mass Of Grass + Power Plant

This is going to be my third grow, my two previous grows were Aj’s Sour diesel and Runtz. Both where grown from clones.

Here is what I have going on for this plant, Moira!
ILGM Critical Mass - 65% Indica 35% Sativa
ILGM Power Plant - 35% Indica 65% Sativa
Medium is - Sunshine #4 with added perlite 70/30
Tent - 30"x30"x60"
Lights - two Bestva P1000=200w actual
Fabric pots - 7gal
Nutes - GH trio, calmag and Koolbloom on hand - Lucas formula
Water - RO
Fans - two 4" extraction, one oscillating

This grow of Critical Mass was started from ILGM seed. I soaked the bean for twenty four hours when she showed her tail. I moved her to wet paper towel for another day and then into a solo cup. So far seedling has been given nothing but water, not sure on when I should begin nutes(cotyledon are still nice and green).

On my past grows I used LST with fairly short veg times. This grow I intend to top/mainline, trying for 8 huge colas. Ya know forearm sized!

Watering has been my nemesis, with plant tied down its been difficult to water plants properly. I have been siphoning out of a three gallon jug with a short section of 5/8th hose. My plan on this grow will be to gravity feed 1/4’ drip line set up with three concentric circles. My hope here is that I’ll be able to better saturate the grow medium, avoiding channels and dry spots. I’ll also need to prolong plants dry periods as neither of my last grows had roots at bottom of pots.



Moira fell over today, crap!

Added some soil to top of her cup to help her stand up straight. Hope this solves the legginess. Man I’ll be happy when she is in her forever home.

Stem has stabilized with the additional dirt. Over my fear of whether she will make it or not. My girl is starting to put on some good growth. Roots are starting to fill solo cup, got a good wet dry cycle going now. Still just giving water. Wondering if she’ll make it to transplant without feeding.

Thought I lost her due to over watering, but she is resilient! lol.

Gave her a feed after she dried out for a couple of days. Sticking with the lucas method, I feed her 625ppm + a dash of cal/mag.

I also hedged my bet and germinated another bean, Power Plant. So my journal will now include Gertrude (aka gerty). She’ll be sown into her solo cup this evening.

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Seven days later, things are moving along nicely. Up-potted CM to a one gallon fabric pot, she didn’t miss a beat. Feed this morning with ppm of 625.

Got myself a DLI app (Photone) and calibrated to Bestva’s ppfd map. Not sure how accurate it really is, at least its a point of reference. Have light set to 38 DLI.

Is this plant ready for topping? I count 4 nodes? Or should I wait for final up-pot too 7gal Fab pot?

Gerty at 7 days. Seed coat still stuck on one cotyledon, I figure she will shuck it when she wants.

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I started this journal on another site but since I’m using Ilgm seeds I may as well have one here.

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Nice set up and girls. She didn’t even know she was knocked down. I’m out of likes but everything is looking good.

Set to watch and happy growing

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CM moving right along, she was very thirsty this morning. Whoohoo something to do. Gave the young lady a gallon of delicious water spiked with 6ml of Micro and 12ml of bloom PH’d to 6.0 with nute ppm of 686. Runoff numbers were PH 6.0 and ppm 882, a little high next watering will be water/Cal/Mag.

Still waiting on Gert to dry out, she is growing well I think. Cant see any roots in clear cup yet.


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Have a few questions about topping this plant.

Red line is where I believe my third node is and where I plan to top. The yellow I plan to remove when plant recovers some from the top. The brown line is where I want soil to be once transplanted.

Does this sound right?

Should I wait until I up-pot to strip below the third node? Is it ok to bury fresh cut nodes or should I strip nodes and allow stem to heal before transplant.

Should I wait until I up-pot to strip below the third node? Is it ok to bury fresh cut nodes or should I strip nodes and allow stem to heal before transplant.

Gave CM a couple of days to recover from topping and striped cotyledons and first node leaving second and third nodes for four tops. transplanted to final pot (7g) and gave three gallons of half strength nute solution(12ml Micro/24ml Bloom + 5ml Cal/Mag).

I noticed that the soil at the bottom third of the one gallon pot that I transplanted from was dry. I think this is do to my fan blowing at bottom of pot, although could be because of improper watering. Raised fan to eliminate this as the cause. Thinking I’ll add a deeper drain pan and allow pot to sit in run-off for a half hour or so to ensure bottom of soil is adequately wet.

PP got some water and is trucking along. Hopefully a couple more days and she will have enough roots to transplant into one gal bag. And then into her very own closet I’ve converted to a grow space.

:clap::clap::clap: doing a great job they look healthy.

Happy growing

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6 days later.
Gawd I hope I am doing this manifold correctly
Stripped a good amount of growth of CM today and pinned her down. I plan to top each of these once they reach the edges of pot for 8 tops(colas?)

I also added in a second light, this bumped DLI up to 42. I’ll leave it here until she recovers from trimming, then I’ll run them up to 50.

Power plant up-potted to a one gal pot. One day later and she hasn’t missed a beat.

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CM now has 8 tops, gonna trainer her to the edge of pot and switch to flower. Increased DLI to fifty and feed at 3/4 strength Lucas formula. Going to start silica once she has started vertical growth.

Power Plant gonna get the top soon. Just transplanted into 5gal bag with soil pre-charged to 600ppm and she didn’t miss a beat. Pretty impressed with the growth of this strain, think she will be a monster.

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Cleaned CM up and found a couple of branches inside of the tops I made, figure I’ll let them grow. So I’ll have ten tops. Added Ring of bondage. Branches have almost reached edge of pot, think I’m going to go ahead and start letting them grow vertical.

PP, been topped and tied down. I’m going to flip to flower today. Kinda in a hurry for some new bud.

So far both plants are liking Lucas formula as do I, makes feeding a dream compared to GH schedule. I’m also going to start silica on my water and cal/mag cycle.

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Finally switched CM to flower. She has been looking lack luster for the past couple of weeks. Not sure why she is so pale, runoff numbers have been high at 2000ppm with a consistent PH of 5.9 to 6.0, so I don’t understand why she isn’t a darker green.

I’m thinking that the yellow tips are from light burn/light to close. I’ve raised the light and she seems to be doing better as far as that goes.

I put PP into flower about a two week ago and she is looking happy.

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PP is giving me warm and fuzzies. Think I have her dialed in for flower. She is getting Lucas formula at 3/4 strength, DLI of 48. Needs a little under growth clean up. This plant has the tightest nodes of any of my grows.

CM is still a little on the pale side, but she is growing and is showing first sign’s of flowering. I have increased her feed to full Lucas 8/16. Run off ppm is down to 1800 after feeding so she is eating. I also raised light some more, which lowered DLI to 45 from 50. She seems sensitive to light, not sure if this is due to not enough nutes or she just doesn’t like much light.

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:clap::clap::clap: killing it

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Just a quick update.
Both plants now on full nutes. 8ml micro/16ml bloom.

Got slight yellowing on few leaves on PP due to low nute which I corrected on last feed and she greened right up. PP also got cleaned up.

CM will need some defol on next watering, she be bushy! She is starting to stretch too much, think I may have to pinch and bend a few.



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Some updated photos.Started substituting 12ml of florabloom for koolbloom per three gallons

Power plant stinks to high heaven and is stickier than either of my past grows. Her trics are also starting to redden up, hoping for mid Jan harvest.

Critical mass is starting to get some scent and is beginning to show some frost! She takes what ever I throw at her in stride, prettiest and easiest plant I have grown.