Go Go Grundo’s first outdoor run

Getting Dense and Heavy, I repaired one time with Duct Tape and honey and it healed it’s and kept growing :+1:

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@ReconBravo…this is my outdoor garden…11plants. Not a journal but some nice pics to look at😂

Thanks for the tag! Plants look fantastic man! 80 acre bud n breakfast sounds good to me :sunglasses: I’ll catch back up on likes when I get them back :wink:

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We’re gonna run an air bnb on the property…come on up and stay at the “Bud & Breakfast” today😂

I don’t like the looks of this☹️

Well didn’t find anymore bud rot😎

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Was the pic of the top of that bud, budrot for sure.

@Bulldognuts…yes it was. After I cut it off the plant, it continued to spread and was squishy. No bueno !:sunglasses:

That’s an awesome looking bud

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@DeathBubba…thank you very much and welcome!!

So i checked on my plants this morning second frost in a row plants still look amazing just a light frost went down to zero last night

@DeathBubba Yes…it’s been very close to freezing here in Michigan the last 2 nights. It brings out some beautiful fall colors on the plants. As long as it didn’t go below freezing for very long, they will be good.

You will here this a lot on this forum…pics or it didn’t happen…lol

Well the ladies survived the 30 degree temps👍. Look at the bud that appeared after the split in the stalk that I taped up with honey.

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Right on. Girls here are doing well. Here’s a pic off my death bubba

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Here’s one from tonight

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@DeathBubba…looking like a shrub!!!
Looks great!

@holmesc…I just went through a little cold snap in Michigan and everything looks good, and I didn’t cover anything. I wouldn’t cover your plants unless it’s gonna go below freezing. Just my 2 cents :sunglasses:

This morning last frost warning for a while here in south eastern ontario. We’ve had three light frosts so far.

It’s a nail biting time of year, that’s for sure!
We’re your plants ok or did you cover them?