Go Go Grundo’s first outdoor run

As the title says, first outdoor run.
20 gal fabric pots with a blend of FFHF and FFOF. Went 10 weeks with soil and no signs of deficiencies. Just fed some tea with molasses, worm castings and some 4-8-4 rose and flower. Germinated the end of May, planted June 1st in the 20 gal pots.


No ph, no slurry test, no nothing. Well water and sun. Current pics…


All fenced in with a couple active honey bee hives and lady bugs all over the cannabis.

Life is good😎


You’re Plant’s are looking good , Green and Organic ! That’s what I’m talking about

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Thanks…I’m sick of smoking bullspit. Gonna grow some clean mean green😎

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That’s going to be some tasty weed! And you know who and how it was grown :+1:

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That is a fact jack!!!:sunglasses:

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So I’m curious if anyone thinks the purple bud is something to be concerned with? The next pic is of the whole plant. I have a few tops that are all purple and the rest are still white pistils.


The plant looks Healthy, I think it just may be in the strain of that type of herb, pretty interesting the other side is white :thinking:

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That’s what I’m thinking also…interesting :thinking:

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Does Indica mean Blue? Mabey a Expert grower on here can answer about the blue color

check it out I took this picture tonight

Nice looking bud dude!!..it’s more purple than blue. It could be a mutation or the strain.

@Cannabian…you seem to grow outdoor monsters and know a thing or two😎…what do you think of my tea and purple bud?

Its interesting, looks like a purple gene surfacing there, is that the only spot on the plant? Think of it like a cat or dog with different colored eyes. It happens. You may find it is early pigmentation? As the plant ages, that purple pigment may spread

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Well…I have it on all 3 outdoor strains. The strains are…
Citradelic sunset
Purple sunset

I know, duh your growing purple sunset. Just wondering why it’s on all 3.


Girls just plugging along…


They look very happy, Now that’s my kind of Garden!

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Thanks @Nip…there is 11 somewhere in the jungle😂

So this is citradelic sunset but I’m calling her grape juice because that’s exactly her terp.


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