Go by Pistils or heads for harvesting?

Woooord she’s cumin down the 26th……what cha thinking on yeild? I hope for 2 lb off her but would be happy with 24oz

Beauty. That’s for sure. Nicely done

Super hard to tell about yield 6oz maybe?

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…….not trying to poke fun I appreciate your time and words but that plant is no where near 6oz,last time I had a plant take up half my 4x8 she pulled 17.5oz……this ones a lot more solid and taller she’s at least 1lb

Well I hope you get 2lbs!


Me too lol ……I’ll be big booty butt hurt if I don’t hit at least 20oz from her……bloody wipe butt hurt……

Wel whatever happens the colors are pretty.

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