Go big...or go home!

Well i wasnt gonna do a journal on my grow just beacuse i didnt want to start one and get caught up and not post my progress but i guess ill try my best to keep everyone updated.

Anyways just some grow info ilmg 19 of 20 Banana Kush
Gelato 20

Total 39 seeds

So thats my starting count of plants the plan was 40 but i guess 39 will have to do lol

Ok so i started um last friday so this pic is one week grow in my starter cups on my custom seed poppin rack hehe just a way of growin i found easy and clean to grow with

I wanna try and get at least 2 transplants i find transplanting a great way of boosting plant growth easy and safe so hopefully i get these seedlings out into little bigger pot before they get into there final pots in a 20x10x6 foot greenhouse nice and tight
10 65gl smart pots
4 plants per pot

simple greenhouse grow easy to maintain keep clean and keep rollin

Ill update on what i use and the method behind it
In the next post ill get more detailed or answer any question just hit me. Ill try and do a weekly update for now and if theres something cool ill try and post that

I love the forum i ive read alot of post great info true passion blessed and i Wish everyone a great grow and if your watchin me on this grow welcome to my grow…


Impressive goal, as far as the worry about not keeping up the journal no worries. I am one of the worst at it, I pretty much have given up. I spend more time helping and advising on my page instead of actually updating progress.


I totally agree with your assessment very lofty haha man when you plan a grow you just do it right haha lol

So a quick background
I spent a full season April to Nov 2018 in
Mendocino had to manage with one other guy 200 100gl smart pots on a Hill top ridge at 2500 elevation plus a 400 plant greenhouse goin at the same time so yeah i would advise anyone that wants to learn to grow if you have the chance spend a full season on a farm and you will undetstand fully what it takes to grow not only that plant care insect deterrents harvesting curing bucking trimming and packing all of it lol think we pulled 400lbs that year here’s a few pics of the grow i miss it all thats a 15ft plant in the trenches lol crazy shit


Here’s a day 9 pic i actually got seedlings praying most of the day love the growth im testing my O2Grow Immetter in my resevior before watering PH 6.5 with my favorite starter solution for everything Clonex Clone Solution, CalMag Plus w/iron and the oxygenator sprinkle that on um and boom they start movin so yeah pretty simple set up no fuss easy to replicate your always know your seedlings and or clones will be on point thats day 9 pic and my O2Grow Emitter


@Cannabian should check that out.

Trust me if it was legal for me to grow weed like that, Id be all over it like hair on a gorilla! A friend of mine wants me to get his outdoor med grow rockin for him possibly next year? He needs to finish his applications to the government. I think hes going for a hundred plants or something silly like that?

We need to run a strain that does well in the hills here, Im not a fan of the B1 strain though so I need to do some research in that area. I fear the Afghans Im growing really need a greenhouse here.


That’s awesome man! I would love to study on a farm for a season. That would be incredible. Beautiful trees!


It was truly the best education anyone could get on how to really grow and why things.are done the way they are man i had no clue before that experience lol i thought i had a basic understanding but no lol but im glad i learned the hard way now i have the confidence to do any size grow for any size in or out GH its easy

Day 10 pic lol they grow pretty quick with the watering set up lovein the Emitter making all the diffrence plants and up and moving with all the Oxygen rich plant sauce haha

The cups i got the seeds started in
A pinch of Greatwhite Mycro FFOF Soil thats it
I been reading about how hot the soil is not sure thats true but to be safe the GW should offset any shock or burn from the soil so looks like theres no set backs with the FFOF soil glad it working trying to keep everything simple no wasted momentum keep the plant moving up proably gonna transplant in a day or so half gal pots under my new veg rack cant wait


Well it really looks you dove right into it full steam ahead! I look forward to following your grow and learning. :fist:t4:


Day 10 Pic they bout to get turnt up again on the next transplant in a day or so and a new light set up should get them goin quick


Day 12 pics nice and healthy root growth goin on i just got back after 2 days lol they look better haha i gave um an extra water during the feed so wouldnt dry out have a great days farmers…


Right on looking good. What’s your plan on veg time? I did 4-5 weeks whit my photo period and added 6 autos when I started flower. I’m on day 15 of flower now and ended up with 24 females this round. Was shooting for 32 but got 8 males out of my female seeds somehow??? Imagine that! Needless to say I can’t fill up my whole room as planned. I’m still happy with what I have going though. Good luck man. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


2 week veg on 16/8 and dial in a good time thats works for the plant and saves me a little on power i got a 350w veg light proably run half power for the first week then step up the power from there then out to the greenhouse to finish
Thanks man yeah keep me posted on your frow thanks bro

Day 13 pic i just put alittle bit of azoys and gave um another water feeding non stop cal/mag clonex and O2grow Oyegen i must say there is a noticeable diffrence with Oygen in the reswater they get were there goin faster fo sure so keeping that aspect thru out the grow should bold well i hope in the final tally fingers crossed have a great day guys


Nice! I have 6 1200w generic bloomspects, 3 1000w generic gixers, 4 1500w generic viperaspecter, and just ordered a big ass nukeheads jigawatt gen 5 light. From what I’ve researched these lights are badass and very reasonably priced right now. I’l finish off my last 6 weeks with this light I’m my run. Will see how it all turns out.

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Wow you love the power lol yeah im trying to use as much of the sun as possiable very minimal start lighting just get the plant up as fast and as tall as possiable and move um out into a greenhouse the more days in the GH the better i think nothing really beats the sun so im trying for 30 days 2 transplants and into the greenhouse done next set up get that ready 20 days out of harvest pop the next set repeat lol fingers crossed but i can already visualize the outcomes i got the knowledge so lets put it too the test haha lol


Well to say the Operation was a success would be an understatement… it went fantastic all aspects went as planned took some work i make it look easy its not lol from quickly moving thru soil mix to getting the pots ready and preped with nuits and ryzo castings are essential to a smooth and even grow so yeah i been waitng to get um here the chances of growing great plants are here getting. The transplant boost is key to growing big plants i think because the next transplant will set um off for flower anyways heres a few pics from the transplant and under there new veg light set up enjoy


Day 17 Pic 2 days after transplant and they havent skipped a beat lol love how they seem to want the water haha they seem to be lovin it so that will not change gonna keep the feeding the same the same cal/mag plus Clonex Root Solution and O2grow Oxygenated Water 15 days under the veg light 32 inch ill raise it as they grow until there ready for the greenhouse then start the 2part bloom feeding to finish and start poppin the new set of seeds got 40 more to follow get that rotation goin every 50 days im trying to keep to harvest and replant same day lol
Set goals make um challenging but fun only way to better yourself at anything enjoy


Day 19 just topped um they goin strong still perked up and movin along enjoy


Day 20 Pic these girls are gonna be Big in no time… They grow up so fast… next thing you know there graduating and hanging up side down in a cold dark box… best grad partys ever lol hehe