Gnats on new seedlings

My seedlings are abot 10 days old , and ia am seeing gnats , i bought some mosquito bites, do i just spred them around the top of the soil?thanks

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Not sure on the bites. I use diatematious earth (sp) food quality. It goes a long way & dust lightly the soil & if really bad the plant itself. Also Dr Earth is a good insecticide & natural.

You can spread them on top of soil but in order to activate the BTi bacteria you need to then water.
You can also mix the granules in the feed water and let it sit a spell before watering.
Just make sure that what you have shows BTi as the active ingredients.
You’ll want to treat right away as you risk losing the seedlings damping off.

The gnats are drawn to and feed on the green algae that can grow on top if you don’t let it dry out. You can also water the saucer tray and let the water wick up into the soil and that eliminates wet top soil. Mostly water that way with a little from the top to keep the algae from growing.

Good luck @Tinman

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