Gnat removal help

So I ordered some stuff from Amazon for fungas gnats but def. Think I got the wrong thing. Can anyone post some links to some things they use to get rid of fungas gnats? Or names of some things. Was looking at force of nature by fox farm now but not sure if thats good or not. Never had to deal with before

Seven dust or liquid seven works wonders same goes with neem oil.

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Should be able to find on Amazon

  • Mosquito bites
  • diatomaceous earth
  • yellow sticky traps



Food grade dietemacious earth works well just spread it on the top of soil and let it sit there it cuts them up ad they jump on it because of the glass like sharp edges on it. Good luck also azamax from general hydroponics works well also

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Add this to your water/ feed water and yellow sticky traps on top of the pots


Like @Dave101 said. I used the same thing when i had fungus nats. Keep the top layer of soil damp.

Thank you all gonna order some right away!

Also cover top of ur soil with dessert sand water goes through but doesn’t sit on top allowing them to feed/breed