Giving CBD oil a try


Thanks, I’ve put a couple under your tongue, it absorbs faster than I thought it would


Under the tongue is very fast.


It may help you sleep too.


Yes it is. It definitely takes the edge off and that’s what I was lookin for at least until I can get some good medicine


The thing is to see when the pain comes back and space out your dosage accordingly.

So how’s the flavor of the vape?


That’s what I’m planning on doing to see how often I dose up. The flavor is delicious, grape Ape and Skittles. Grape Ape taste like a grape nihigh


Lol they sound pretty good. I’m might get a pen and try some out!


Hawkeye what they charge u for the cbd drops?


I made sure to get a vape that wasn’t so harsh. I’ve tried a buddies one time an his hit so hard that I coughed up a lung it seemed like haha


40 I believe for 15 ml bottle


I think you get like 30 drops per ml so that should last a good little while.


Yeah, she told me that her husband just takes a while dropper before bed and helps him so I’m gonna try that tonight


That seems like a lot to me? The recommended dosage is one or two drops at a time. A whole dropper is like 1 ml or 1/15 of your bottle.

But hey, you know your pain levels and all. I have a feeling that is gonna knock you out lol


Haha. We’ll see. Hopefylly


I will say this, my girl said she could tell that I act like I’m not in so much pain. So there is something to this. I’m feeling very optimistic, which is sayin somethin. I am a hardcore realist haha


I just bought some delicious Krispy kream donuts, could I put some drops on that kind of like the cookie?


sorry, I went night night apparently…lol. You certainly can! :grin:


Update: so normally I have to watch TV till around 2 or so in the mornin before I fall asleep. We’ll last night I took some drops a couple hours before bed and I was asleep by 11. Now since it was the first day, I’ll hope to reproduce that same experience tonight. I feel very confident about this cbd oil. It helped with the pain, it may not have taken it all away, but it took enough for sleep.


Hey Hawkeye, I use CBD oil for my cluster headaches and to control my anxiety and PTSD issues. It’s working great for me :+1::ok_hand: Combine with my AK-47 that I let it have 50% amber in the trichomes, that way it has just enough THC CBD CBN to produce the couch lock effects and to give me the sedative effects that I am searching for sleep aid.

~Al :v: :innocent:


Awesome. I’ll have to try that when I have access to oil with thc and cbd. For now all I have is cbd oil